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Porsche 928

You may see the Porsche 928 as an icon of the 80s, but it also just lived through the 70s. We are subtly reminded of this by this copy, which has dark blue plates. At the same time, there are also ‘too modern’ features.

We were a bit confused when we saw this Porsche 928, which was spotted by DaniĆ«l Spoelder. It has dark blue license plates and we thought that looked quite strange. You expect a 928 exclusively with yellow plates, if only because the 928 just doesn’t feel like it dates from the blue plate era. Yet this copy legally has the dark plates. It was registered in December 1977, as of 1978 the yellow plates became mandatory. So there is a very limited batch of 928s, from the first year of construction, that are allowed to carry official blue plates and this one is one of them. By the way, there are even better reasons why they look a bit special on this car, but more about that in a moment.

Porsche 928

With its special folding headlights, the 928 was already a remarkable appearance in its time, but Porsche also caused a stir with its rear. If only because of the lack of an engine there. The 928, initially intended as a 911 successor, did not have a six-cylinder boxer engine in the back, but a big V8 in the nose. If you think that the rear of this 928 looks almost too modern for that time, then you are right. The taillights on these only came on the 928 with the facelift in the mid-80s. Initially, the 928 had much smaller taillights that were more recessed into the body. At some point in its existence, this specific 928 had a ‘butt lift’. Not only that, but the front bumper also belongs to a later 928. So either a lot of work has been done on the car, or we are dealing with a modified copy. Let the Original police just don’t hear it.

Whatever the exact history, the license plate certainly belongs to a Porsche 928 4.5 newly delivered in the Netherlands, which had an owner who remained loyal to it from 1999 to 2018. The current owner got his hands on it four years ago. He will probably be happy with it, even if the appearance of the car is not quite right.

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