Tim Cook responds to AI: Is Apple working on its own ChatGPT?

Tim Cook has commented on the hugely popular ChatGPT and the rise of AI. Is Apple also working on its own ChatGPT?

Apple responds to ChatGPT

Apple CEO Tim Cook has spoken out for the first time about the meteoric rise of ChatGPT. When presenting Apple’s results in the past quarter, Cook called the rise of artificial intelligence extremely interesting. According to the CEO, AI has a lot of potential, but there are still a number of problems that need to be solved.

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With this, Cook mainly refers to the privacy of chat services such as ChatGPT. After all, the chatbot stores everything that is entered by users. That is why it is extra important to think carefully about digital security. Cook therefore sees many opportunities for the use of artificial intelligence, but believes that AI should be used carefully and sensibly.

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Apple is already using AI in various services

The Apple CEO also emphasized that Apple already uses artificial intelligence widely in various services. Think of Siri, fall and crash detection and the ECG app on your Apple Watch. In addition, AI is used when you enter certain search terms in your photo library. Using artificial intelligence, the photos are then scanned for the search you entered.

The use of artificial intelligence is therefore nothing new for the company, but has so far been happening more in the background. Siri was released more than ten years ago, but is now lagging behind new chat services such as ChatGPT. For now, Tim Cook hasn’t said anything about Apple’s own ChatGPT, but Siri is expected to get a lot smarter in the next major iOS update.


Want to know more about ChatGPT?

So for now we have to do without a ChatGPT from Apple. Do you want to know more about the smart chatbot? Check here how to use ChatGPT in Dutch and also check which ChatGPT app you absolutely should not install in the App Store. Do you want to try the free version of the chatbot? Then check the ChatGPT web page!

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