Tip: turn off a family member’s alarm clock with your own iPhone

Do you hear an alarm going off at home, and the owner isn’t around to turn it off? Then lie back, because with a trick you can turn off the alarm with your own iPhone.

Turn off a family member’s alarm with your own iPhone

There is little more annoying than waking up to an alarm clock that is not meant for you, that is out of your reach and that keeps ringing endlessly. Fortunately, Apple knows this too, because with a hidden trick in iOS you can turn off the alarm without having to get up.

The trick requires Family Sharing to be turned on. This is a feature that allows family members to share their Apple purchases for free. If you buy an app, the rest of the family can use it for free. You also don’t have to pay for multiple iCloud or Apple Music subscriptions.

Turn off alarm clock with Siri

Once you have set up the function, your voice assistant will ask Siri to turn off the alarm. Then say the following:

Hey Siri, set the alarm for [naam] from.

Siri then asks you to confirm that you want to turn off the person’s alarm clock. You can yell “yes” or “no” to Siri, or tap the iPhone’s screen. The alarm is then immediately stopped.

So you need the Family Sharing feature, but the option also only works if both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you have multiple WiFi networks at home, you may have to switch WiFi channels.

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