To operate a cooker hood with a dimmer, I am looking for a built-in dimmer that, according to manufacturer Venduro, must meet the following specifications: 2 amps + start at high speed necessary

Cooker hood Venduro ordered where we chose model (type RA-MM, motor power 195 W) with dimmer (alternative was remote control).

The included dimmer is a surface-mounted model, while we have actually provided everything for a built-in model.

Venduro cannot help us and only confirms the specifications that an alternative built-in dimmer must meet: “2 amps + start at high speed necessary”.

Niko and BTicino apparently do not have this in their range.

So I’m looking for another manufacturer who does have this in range.

Or any other alternatives/suggestions?

The Venduro alternative would be that we have the engine removed and replaced by an engine electronically equipped for remote control with radio frequency

Asker: Gilbert, 57 years old


Dear Gilbert,

Have a look at the competition: Click on kitchen ventilation. You enter the catalog of the kitchen ventilation, go to page 22. An EW3 I (I = built-in) will probably suffice. But to be sure, it is best to contact them. It is a Belgian company and they deliver to individuals, if necessary.

Hopefully you will find the right product with them.

Answered by

dr. ing. Jean-Jacques Vandenbussche

Catholic University of Leuven
Old Market 13 3000 Leuven


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