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Toyota Corolla

Last week we picked up a beautifully preserved 1995 Toyota Corolla from the used car range, now we are looking at a much older example. This Corolla of the E20 generation has recently made our roads a bit more colorful.

The Toyota Corolla that was the center of attention last Friday is one with a long life. It will probably last a very long time. Whether it will last as long as the Corolla that we now have in front of us thanks to AutoWeek forum member HarmenA, that remains the question. It has been around for almost twenty years now. In the early summer of 1978, this nice Corolla of the E20 generation (the second) was registered, already 45 years ago. By the way, he didn’t get any Dutch records at that time; HarmenA understood from the owner that the car was newly registered in Sweden.

It was only three and a half years ago that this nice Japanese man was registered in our country. He received a new letter-number combination with one letter, three numbers and two more letters. This is particularly divided on the dark blue plates, by simply putting a line every two characters. It looks just like an older license plate, until you see that there is a number after the first letter. Formally this is not allowed, but hey, this is usually condoned in classics.

Toyota Corolla

Such a Corolla simply requires dark blue plates, especially because it is a model that is much older than this specific example. The Toyota Corolla E20 dates from 1970. You can imagine that in terms of lines it fit well between the Ford Escort and Opel Kadett of that time. Toyota only went through the different generations a little faster than Ford and Opel and so in 1974 a new Corolla came onto the market, the E30. However, that did not immediately mean the end of the E20. In fact, the 1200 remained available for a while as a cheaper alternative to the new Corolla. With the first registration in 1978, this copy is one of the very, very last.

You can see at a glance that the Corolla has already done a lot. Not that it looks bad, certainly not, but it is a bit dull and discolored here and there. Actually, that has something to it. We wonder if there are plans to renovate the car or if he can simply continue to showcase his life experience. As long as it stays on the road, that’s the most important thing!

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