Toyota Corolla (1995) – Enthusiast Wanted

Too good to let go

Toyota Corolla (1995) – Enthusiast Wanted

It is far from the flashiest, smoothest, most controversial or desirable car that has ever appeared in Liefhebber Wanted, but this Toyota Corolla is still one to think about. After all, think of it that way again!

If you are looking for a Toyota Corolla of the E100 generation in the Netherlands, you can be busy for quite a while. Even though it was quite a common car in our country at the time. Did they go to the scrap yard in droves? No, you can bet that the majority of them have left our country in working condition and a significant part of them are probably still driving around somewhere. This gray one from 1995 should not meet the same fate, as we read above the advertisement. We understand that, it is still far too beautiful to just disappear from the Netherlands.

We are dealing with a 28 year old Corolla that has only had one private owner, who has driven it less than 100,000 km. Something tells us it may have been someone of a respectable age. When we look at the photos, we see a picture that matches. Despite its age, the Corolla appears to be virtually spotless and in its entire MOT history we only encounter one inspection with an area of ​​concern.

Toyota Corolla

You can bet that this is a car that has been pampered to the point of exaggeration. Not that this is necessarily necessary with a Toyota Corolla, because there is of course a good reason that they were so popular abroad when most Dutch people were tired of them. They are rock solid and rock solid. A Corolla that has been as pampered as this is probably the case is a car that you can, in a sense, buy blindly. Then you may also immediately get the neatest one in the Netherlands.

Of course, this example has logically remained stationary for long periods of time, so a good technical inspection and a major overhaul are definitely recommended. It has also been in the hands of the car company that now offers it since 2019 and something tells us that this has not been the carelessly provided ‘spare car’ for waiting customers in those years. Why has it been there for so long? People seem to find it difficult to part with it: “The car can go, but it doesn’t have to.” With an asking price of €6,950, they certainly ensure that the Corolla will not be sold out in the shortest time.

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