Toyota Mirai 2 considerably cheaper

Toyota’s hydrogen flagship Mirai is on the eve of its second generation, which is priced a lot more favorably than the discontinued model. Although the exact price is not yet known, Toyota promises that it will in our country at least be under 70,000 euros and that is more than 11,000 euros under the Mirai 1.

Where most car manufacturers have put hydrogen on the back burner, Toyota bravely persists and that will result in a second-generation Mirai next year. “Toyota is very motivated to find a solution to the CO2 problem and we have roadmaps for that. We do not believe that, especially at the moment, one technology can offer the solution,” says Thiebault Paquet, director of powertrains Toyota. Motors Europe, in conversation with Techzle. “The next Mirai will be on the platform of the Lexus LS and will therefore be considerably larger than the current one. In addition, it is more economical and has a longer range.”

The keyword is volume, Paquet explains: “The high cost of a fuel cell is in the production, not the raw materials. While 70 percent of the cost of a battery is in the raw materials. Nevertheless, the Mirai 2 contains less precious metals. the system is more compact and works with a higher energy density. “

Because of this, and because the technology is also shared with other industries, Toyota will keep the price below 70,000 euros. An additional advantage for business drivers is that for a hydrogen car, the addition is calculated over the entire amount. The exact price will be announced at a later stage. The launch of the second generation Toyota Mirai is planned for the first quarter of 2021.

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