Toyota Mirai available with its own hydrogen filling station

The new Toyota Mirai should make the hydrogen car somewhat more accessible in the Netherlands. To give acceptance a set, Toyota offers a special option. The Mirai can be delivered with its own gas station.

Toyota believes that hydrogen can also be especially interesting for fleet cars, as it stated at the end of 2020 when setting out its vision for the future. Think of companies that are located near a hydrogen filling station and would like to make their fleet more sustainable. To make the new Mirai more attractive for those who have to drive a little further for hydrogen, it is now coming up with a possible solution together with the Dutch Resato International. That company specializes in high-pressure solutions and has developed a hydrogen filling point to which the Mirai can be refueled.

That ‘gas station’ can refuel the Mirai with 700 bar and with that you can, according to Toyota, be ready to refuel in an average of 50 minutes under optimal conditions. Not as fast as at a regular gas station, but the advantage is that it is possible right outside the door – on a business park. The tank itself must of course be refilled from time to time, but that service can be included in the whole story, as can the installation and later removal of the station. The brand does not yet report what it costs. Toyota does state that it is offered as an option for both Mirai buyers and leasers. In the case of a lease contract, for example, financing it over a five-year contract period can be included in the monthly amount.

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