tvOS 18 adds inSight, improved dialog, screensavers and more to Apple TV

Apple places the Apple TV in the ‘Home Products’ product group. Apple has announced software updates for all Home products that boost your entertainment and improve everyday usability.

With intelligent new features such as InSight and updates for ‘Improve dialogues’ and subtitles, tvOS 18 can compete with the cinema. New options have also been added for Apple Fitness+, Apple Music and FaceTime, making them even better on the largest screen in the house. tvOS 18 and iOS 18 are available in beta for developers today, and will be available as free software updates this fall.

Below you will find an overview of the most important new features in tvOS 18.

tvOS 18 features
tvOS 18 (Audio & Home)

Support tvOS 18

The new tvOS 18 software can be installed on all Apple TV HD and 4K models. This concerns all media boxes that use tvOS, this concerns the Apple TV 4th generation or newer and all Apple TV 4K models.


The Apple TV app is expanded in tvOS 18 with InSight, a feature that displays information about actors, characters and music from films and series on Apple TV+ in real time. This allows you to view additional information about an actor, background information and see in which productions this person is still playing.

InSight in action

InSight also lets you see what song is playing in a given scene and add it to a playlist in Apple Music. If you use your iPhone as a remote control for Apple TV, you can also view the InSight information on it.

Improved dialogues

Improve dialogue gets smarter in tvOS 18, thanks to the use of machine learning and computational audio, voices on Apple TV 4K are more audible above the music, action and background noise. These improved dialogues are available not only on HomePod speakers, but also when listening through built-in TV speakers, HDMI speakers, AirPods and other Bluetooth devices. The feature also works when you play supported content from an iPhone or iPad.

Improved dialogs tvOS 18
Improved dialogs tvOS 18

Improved subtitles

Thanks to the improved subtitle function, you no longer have to miss anything from your favorite film or series. Subtitles under tvOS 18 automatically appear at exactly the right time, even when the language in a film or series does not match the language on your device, when you mute the sound or when you rewind the image.

Support 21:9 aspect ratio

If you use a projector with a 21:9 aspect ratio (CinemaScope), there is good news, tvOS 18 also supports this aspect ratio for films and series. This allows you to optimally enjoy the content with a full cinematic experience.

New screen savers

New screensavers featuring Snoopy and Woodstock have also been added to the existing screensavers under tvOS in tvOS 18. They take over your screen in a cute animation and then have to recover in special places such as his doghouse. It is also possible to opt for the new clock screensavers.

tvOS 18 screen saver
New tvOS 18 clock screensaver

Facetime subtitles

tvOS 18 includes updates to FaceTime with Continuity Camera, making the feature even more accessible. Live English subtitles (Canada and US only) now let you see what others are saying during a FaceTime call.

Apple Fitness+ design renewed

The design of Apple Fitness+ in tvOS 18 has been updated and allows you to better utilize the extensive library, stay motivated and stick to your exercise routine. Updates include a personalized For You space, Explore and Library spaces, search features, and more medals.

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