Unravel a mysterious plot in Layton’s Mystery Journey

Although Layton’s Mystery Journey will not be available on Nintendo 3DS in Europe until October, the new puzzle game in the hit series is already available on iOS.

Layton’s Mystery Journey

The Professor Layton games are known from the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. Since its first release in 2007, the mysterious game series has grown into one of the most popular handheld games, seven volumes of which have now appeared and 15 million of which have been sold worldwide.

The new part is called Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires Conspiracy in full. This game, once again developed by game studio Level-5, will not be available on Nintendo handhelds until fall, but is already available on iPhone and iPad. And on the phone, Layton works just as well (or better) than on the 3DS.

Puzzles and humor

In this game you play with Katrielle Layton, the daughter of the famous professor from previous parts. This part mainly takes place in London, where you and your team experience various adventures, while a millionaires plot must be unraveled as a common thread through the game. The professor has disappeared and as players you have to find him. For that you have to go through twelve cases, seven multi-millionaires and a great mystery. The game looks fantastic and there is plenty to laugh about.

Layton’s Mystery Journey takes you to all kinds of famous places in London. You engage in hilarious conversation with people and look for clues. It looks like a point-and-click adventure from the past, but the main role is given to puzzles. These often do not have a direct connection with the game, but must be resolved in order to continue. There is also a Daily Puzzle, which allows you to download a new puzzle every day. Enough to do.

Plays excellently

As on the 3DS, the image on iOS is divided into two halves. At the top is information, while you solve the puzzle at the bottom. If you are not working on a puzzle, there is, for example, a map or a menu. Since the game has always required a touchscreen, Layton plays fine on iOS. Especially on an iPad with Apple Pencil (for taking notes) it comes into its own.

The Millionaires Conspiracy is now available on iOS. It costs 17.99 euros. That is considerably more than a game usually costs in the App Store, but also much less than a Nintendo 3DS often costs. In addition, this is a beautifully finished game, which you play through with a smile.

Download Layton’s Mystery Journey from the App Store (17.99 euros)

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