Update for Toyota Yaris Cross

Only hybrid, but more choice

Toyota Yaris Cross 2023Toyota Yaris Cross 2023Toyota Yaris Cross 2023Toyota Yaris Cross 2023Toyota Yaris Cross 2023Toyota Yaris Cross 2023Toyota Yaris Cross 2023Toyota Yaris Cross 2023Toyota Yaris Cross 2023Toyota Yaris Cross 2023Toyota Yaris Cross 2023Toyota Yaris Cross 2023Toyota Yaris Cross 2023Toyota Yaris Cross 2023

Toyota Yaris Cross 2023

The Toyota Yaris Cross is receiving an update that may be too small to qualify as a ‘facelift’, but which does bring a new drivetrain and important updates to the interior.

Nothing actually changes on the outside of the Toyota Yaris Cross, launched in 2020, although the colors ‘Urban Khaki’ (for the Launch Edition) and ‘Juniper Blue’ (for all versions) are new. The news is primarily under the hood. There we are introduced to a second hybrid powertrain, which is a bit more powerful with 132 instead of 116 hp. The extra power comes from a more powerful electric motor, which works together as usual with a 1.5-liter three-cylinder petrol engine. The torque increases considerably, from 141 to 185 Nm. Due to the extra power, the Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid 130 needs half a count less for the 0-100 sprint than its less powerful brother. This means it takes him 10.7 seconds.

Only as a hybrid

The ‘130’ in the drivetrain already indicates that Toyota offers choice. The ‘old’, less powerful drivetrain will therefore continue to be available, albeit now under the name ‘Hybrid 115’. The 130 hp version is currently reserved for the most expensive versions, namely the Launch Edition and the GR Sport. Although there is more choice than ever in the hybrid field, the arrival of the Hybrid 130 comes at the expense of the non-hybrid version of the Yaris Cross. The regular 1.5 takes with it the only manual option and the ability to tow a trailer of up to 1,350 kg.


According to Toyota, all versions benefit from a more refined driving experience, including an extra vibration damper on the engine block, more sound insulation and thicker glass. Of course, we cannot see that silence in the photos, but we can see the new infotainment system. The multimedia screen known from other Toyotas is 7 or 12.3 inches depending on the version and does without the physical buttons that were previously next to the screen. New ‘hardware’ can also be found directly below the screen, in the form of ventilation grilles with the button for the hazard lights in the middle. The grilles also drop down a bit, at the expense of the storage compartment that used to be here. The round volume button is also worth a note, because it works better than the touch keys that previously had this task. The digital instruments are also new, so that the Yaris Cross is completely up to date in this area.

Toyota Yaris Cross

The current Toyota Yaris Cross above, the new one below. Note the ventilation grilles in the middle. The rotary knob behind the lever has to do with four-wheel drive, which is not available in the Netherlands and will not be available.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2023

Toyota Yaris Cross

With the update, Toyota is also tackling the Yaris Cross in terms of technology. For example, the voice assistant must work better and Toyota states that the driver assistance systems have also acquired new skills and manners. The update for the Yaris Cross does not come as a complete surprise, because similar innovations have already been implemented on the regular Toyota Yaris. The updated Toyota Yaris Cross will appear on the Dutch market in the second quarter of 2024, prices will follow between now and then.

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