Use AirDrop by holding two devices together

Since iOS 17, you can share files with another iPhone user faster by keeping two devices together. AirDrop will then be activated immediately and you can start the transfer. Don’t you want this? Then you can disable device merging.

AirDrop is a feature that allows Apple users to wirelessly share photos, videos, and files with other nearby Apple devices, without the need for a physical or internet connection.

Faster sharing via AirDrop

Now, if you want to share a file, photo, video, website or more via AirDrop, you have to select the AirDrop option, wait for the available devices nearby and then choose the person or device. Since iOS 17, this has been easier and also faster.

AirDrop from iOS 17

By simply holding two iPhones, with iOS 17 or newer, together while sharing, the recipient is automatically selected and the file is shared. The user does not have to confirm this, because when you deliberately hold two devices together, the software assumes that you intend to share and receive the file.

Keep AirDrop together via device

  • Open the content you would like to share, for example a website or selected photos
  • Keeps two iPhone devices with iOS 17 or newer together
  • The sender then taps ‘Share’
  • The part is shared
Keep AirDrop together via device

You can also first open the sharing menu and then tap ‘AirDrop’. Then hold the devices together and the item will immediately be shared via AirDrop.

Sharing content this way is a faster way and in most cases easier than the maze of buttons you have to tap before AirDrop appears. However, not all users like this way of sharing.

Contact card is shared

Do you want to share a photo, video, website or other file or component, but are you unable to do so because your contact card is being shared? Then NameDrop comes into effect. It’s important that you first the section on your iPhone opens before you bring both devices together. If you do not do this, NameDrop will be activated.

Disable pooling of devices

Do you not want to use NameDrop or share parts by keeping two devices together? Then you can disable this via Settings ▸ General ▸ AirDrop ▸ disable the ‘Bring devices together’ option.

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