Use GPS coordinates in Apple Maps

Via Apple’s Maps application it is possible to start routes, discover nearest locations and more. You enter the details of a place and the Maps app sends you there. Of course you can also use GPS coordinates.

Not only can you search based on latitude and longitude, you can also find the coordinates of your current or another location via the Apple Maps application. We explain how you can do this on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Search using GPS coordinates in Maps

If you have GPS coordinates, you can easily enter them in the search field of the Maps app. Immediately, Maps will use the latitude and longitude to show your location on the map. You can then start a route or explore the area.

Find GPS coordinates and current location via Apple Maps

  • Open the Maps app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac
  • Tap or click the location arrow to determine your current location
  • Click or tap your current location on the map (blue dot)
Find GPS coordinates and current location via Apple Maps

You can then open the information card on an iPhone, iPad or Mac by swiping the card up. On older macOS versions you can do this by clicking on the i icon. After this, additional information about your current location will appear, including the GPS coordinates for latitude and longitude.

Additional tip: You can also use the compass application on your iPhone to find out your current GPS coordinates.

View coordinates of a location

Of course you can also look up the coordinates of a location, using a placed pin. To do this, open the Maps application on your iPhone or iPad. Place your finger on a location on the map and wait a few moments to mark the spot. Then open the information window to view the coordinates by scrolling up.

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On a Mac with an older macOS version, you can do this by using a secondary click (right mouse button) to click on a location on the map. Choose ‘Add pin’, click the i button and view the latitude and longitude.

Of course, in both cases you can first manually search for a place on the map and then place the pin.

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