Vanwall Vandervell S: electric hatchback with 450 kilometers of range

A sporty nod to the 80’s

Vanwall Vandervell SVanwall Vandervell SVanwall Vandervell SVanwall Vandervell SVanwall Vandervell S

Vanwall Vandervell S

The German racing team Vanwall is launching an electric hatchback under its own name. This is the Vanwall Vandervell S, a car with which the Germans wink at the English origin of the name Vanwall.

Vanwall was originally an English F1 team and race car manufacturer. Vanwall is now a German racing team, but one that does not forget Vanwall’s English origins. It now comes with its own electric car under the brand name Vanwall: the Vandervell S. With the model name Vandervell, the now German Vanwall nods to Tony Vandervell, the founder of the original Vanwall.

The Vandervall S is a five-door hatchback suffused with angular lines. Just like the Hyundai Ioniq 5, for example, the car seems somewhat inspired by the angular car design of the eighties. Vanwall emphatically markets the Vandervall as a sporty model and so the model with its sporty bumper work, including visible carbon fiber, appears muscular. At the top of the rear window we see a rear spoiler and in the fierce rear bumper we even observe an F1-like rear fog light. The heavy C-pillars are striking. The wheel arches are filled with 22-inch light metal.

The Vanderwell S will be available in two flavors, both with four-wheel drive. The first is 320 hp strong, buzzes to a speed of 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds and must be able to reach a speed of 185 km / h. Its top speed: 185 km/h. This variant can travel up to 450 kilometers on a full battery, although it is not known how big it is. One step above that comes the Vandervell S Plus. With 580 hp, it is a lot more powerful and therefore faster. In 3.4 seconds the Vandervell S Plus stomps to a speed of 100 km / h. Its top speed: 265 km/h. However, with a range of 420 kilometers, he does not get as far as his milder burp. Only 500 copies of the Vandervell S Plus will be produced, which will be built in Germany, just like the non-Plus version. The starting price: €128,000.


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