Ring has released a new update to the quick responses you can set for your Ring video doorbell. You can now let your visitors at your doorstep know with pre-recorded responses that you are not at home or need some extra time to accept the package from the delivery person.

Ring is known for their video doorbells such as the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus and has made setting up quick answers for their video doorbells very easy. You can easily add the quick answers to your Ring doorbell via the Ring app. When a visitor rings the bell, they will hear your selected quick responses and can leave a message at the doorbell, similar to voicemail. You can watch via live images and see the person in front of your door in real time and you can talk to that person and that person to you, in other words communicate via two-way speech. If you have a Ring Protect subscription, you can also watch the video later in your history.

Available Dutch quick answers
• “Hello, you can leave the package at the door. If you would like to leave a message, you can do so now.”

• “Unfortunately we can’t come to the door, but if you want, you can leave a message now.”

• “Hello, we’re getting there.”

• “Sorry, we’re not interested. Nice day.”

• “Thanks for your visit. If you would like to leave a message, you can do so now.”

• “Hello. It may take a while before I get there. Please wait a moment.”

• “Hi, nice to have you here, we’re coming.”

• “Hello, unfortunately we are not at home.” “You can now leave a message.”

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