Volkswagen shows butt and dashboard Amarok

Volkswagen Amarok

Images of the new Volkswagen Amarok are once again coming to us from Germany. It remains with sketching for a while, but the pick-up now shows its ass and dashboard.

The upcoming Amarok is completely new compared to its predecessor, but also a little bit familiar. The pick-up is based on the new Ford Ranger, which showed itself for the first time in November. This makes it possible to make a comparison between that Ranger and what we already know about the Amarok.

On the sketches of the body, it is noticeable that not only the nose is different – that would be the easiest solution – but also the flanks and the butt. From the side, the Amarok has striking grooves above the wheel arches, which are also slightly flattened at the top. The shape of the rear lights is slightly different and the nose is of course completely unique. Yet the similarity is also clear, thanks to the identical side window with the striking, ascending line at the back of the rear door. In addition to a large Volkswagen logo, the tailgate also receives the model name in huge letters, as it seems to belong with a pick-up.

The interior, which is now properly shown by Volkswagen for the first time, also shows a striking number of differences from the technical basis. In fact, everything we see is slightly different, from the frame of the central screen to the steering wheel and from the levers on the steering column to the buttons for the climate control. At the same time, the basic setup is the same again. Both cars will have a large vertical screen and vertically placed ventilation grilles.

We will soon know to what extent Volkswagen allows these drawings to become reality. There is no exact date yet, but it is certain that the Amarok will appear this year.

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