Watch Apple’s cool new commercial for the Vision Pro here (video)

Apple has officially announced the release date of the Vision Pro, so a new commercial could not be missed. Watch the video here!

Apple reveals Vision Pro release date

Apple announced yesterday when the Vision Pro will appear in stores. On Friday February 2, 2024 the company’s first spatial computer appears in American stores. Apple is only releasing the Vision Pro in the United States for the time being, it is not yet known when the headset will also come to other countries. The announcement of the Vision Pro naturally also includes a new advertisement.

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A new trailer has now been released, preparing us for the release of the Vision Pro. The video shows several well-known (film) fragments in which a character wears glasses. The commercial ends with – how could it be otherwise – someone picking up the Vision Pro. Are you curious about the video? Watch the short commercial here:

This is how much Apple’s first headset costs

A great advertisement, but the price of the Vision Pro is not shown. That’s not surprising, because the headset has a starting price of no less than $3,499. You will receive the Vision Pro Cover, a USB-C cable, an external battery and Apple’s special cleaning cloth. However, you are not yet ready for that price if you are far-sighted or near-sighted, because then you still have to buy special lenses for the headset.

You pay $99 or $149 for those lenses. That’s on top of the $3,499 you pay for the Vision Pro, so it’s not a headset for the general public. It is still unknown how much we will pay for the glasses in the Netherlands. In any case, for that price you get an extremely advanced headset, with two 4K micro-LED screens, the fast M2 chip and the new Optic ID.

vision pro release date

Europe may not follow until 2025

Apple is preparing us for the Vision Pro with the advertisement, but for now the Vision Pro is only appearing in the United States. Apple has already indicated that it wants to release the headset internationally this year. According to the usually reliable Apple analyst Mark Gurman, countries such as Canada, China and the United Kingdom will follow first. In Europe we may have to wait until 2025 for the Vision Pro.

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The headset will first come to major European countries, such as France and Germany. Only then will the Netherlands and Belgium follow. For the time being we will have to make do with advertising, because it will take a while before we can test and buy the Vision Pro in stores here. Would you like to know more about the Vision Pro? Then read everything we know about Apple’s first headset here!

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