Watch movies and series on Netflix

Find a movie or series on NetflixFancy a romantic film, a thriller or an interesting documentary? Watch all kinds of movies and series via Netflix.

Want to relax for an evening? Grab the tablet, laptop or smartphone and watch a nice movie or series on Netflix. Anyone who opens the app or site will probably notice it right away: the range is incredibly large. For example, Netflix contains many Dutch and international romantic comedies, nature films, drama series, documentaries, thrillers and horror films. New titles are added almost every month.

Play a fun series or movie as follows:

  • Open the Netflix app and log in if necessary.
  • Are there multiple profiles? Then tap the name of your profile.
  • Tap the magnifying glass at the bottom if you already know what you want to watch.
    • Enter the name of the movie/series.
    • Tap the appropriate name in the search suggestions.
  • Still need inspiration? Tap at the bottom left Homepage (small house icon).
  • Netflix gives viewing suggestions divided into categories. For example, the frequently viewed films and series are under ‘Popular on Netflix’ and recently published titles under ‘New releases’. However, not the entire range is included in this overview. To see more movies or series, tap at the top Series or Movies.
  • Tap on All genres and choose the genre you like, for example International, romance or Crime.
  • Swipe down (iOS) or up (Android) on the screen to view all series or movies of the chosen genre. Tap a title for more information.
  • Prefer to watch something else? Tap the cross in the top right (iOS) or the arrow in the top left (Android) and tap another movie/series.
  • Tap on Play or tap the triangle icon at the movie/episode thumbnail.

The movie or series starts. Now turn on the subtitles (in the desired language) or pause the video.

On your PC, find a fun movie or series to watch as follows:

  • Go to and log in if necessary.
  • Click on the name of your profile, if you share the Netflix account with others.
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon if you already know what you want to see. Then type the name of the movie/series and click on the relevant movie/series in the search results.
  • Still no idea what you want to see? First determine whether you are going to watch a series or movie and click on Series or Movies.
  • click on Genres and choose the desired genre, for example romance or Thrillers.
  • The filtered offer is divided into categories. Which one you see depends on the chosen genre. Scroll over the title of the movie/series you might want to see.
  • The trailer plays. Click on the down arrow to read what the film/series is about.
  • Prefer to watch something else? Then right click on the cross and search for another film/series.
  • click on Play.

The film/series starts immediately.

Turn on the subtitles if this is not done automatically.

  • Tap the screen.
  • Tap on Audio and Subtitles.
  • Under ‘Subtitles’, tap Dutch.
  • Tap the cross to continue looking.

Is the subtitles off? Easily turn it on:

  • Move the mouse pointer down.
  • Click on the two stripes at the bottom left to pause the movie/series.
  • Click on the conversation cloud.
  • Click under ‘Subtitles’ on Dutch to turn on the Dutch subtitles.

Pause the video or series or play it full screen.

Settings on smartphone/tablet

  • Tap the screen.
  • Tap the two dashes icon to pause the movie/series.
  • Looking further? Tap the play button. That’s the icon of a triangle.
  • Would you rather stop watching altogether? Tap the screen and then the cross.

Settings on PC

  • Move the mouse pointer down.
  • A transparent bar of functions appears. Click on the two stripes at the bottom left to pause the movie/series.
  • Optionally, click on the quadrangular icon in the bottom right to enlarge the screen.
  • Click on the triangle at the bottom left to play the film/series again.
  • Stop watching sooner? Click on the left arrow in the top left.

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