What is Snapchat?

snapchat-thumb(1) You may have heard of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. But do you already know what Snapchat is? And what can you do with this social medium?

Snapchat is an app for Android and iOS. It’s a social medium where users send each other photos that disappear within seconds. The nice thing about it is that you can also send each other crazy photos, after all, they are only in the picture for a while. In addition, it is also possible to chat via the app.

Some concepts on Snapchat:

  • A snap – (pronounced ‘snap) is a message on Snapchat.
  • A snapstreak – (pronounced ‘snap-streak’) is a series of messages that two people send each other. A new snap has to be sent every 24 hours to keep the series going.
  • A story – a message on Snapchat that is visible to all contacts.

To make sending photos even more fun, there are filters on Snapchat. If you want to take a selfie of yourself, you can choose to use one of the hundreds of filters available. For example, these filters put dog ears on someone’s head, create a crazy background or make someone’s eyes really big. Some filters are meant to be funny, others are to make a photo more beautiful.

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