What kind of bug is this?

The photo was taken in October 2012 in my garden. It is the young of a bug, but I have not yet been able to find which species it is. More photos can be found on Waarnemingen.be where I posted this sighting (http://waarnemingen.be/waarneming/view/71727593)

Asker: Gert, 51 years old


Dear Gert,

I didn’t immediately know this bug either, but I contacted Berend Aukema; Berend is a Dutch bug expert. According to him, it is the nymph of a bug belonging to the Rhopalidae family; with a high probability it is Corizus hyoscyami ; this is the cinnamon bug. This bug is quite similar to the fire bug Pyrrhocoris apterus.

Kind regards,


Answered by

Hans Castels

identification of pest insects in agriculture and horticulture, stock goods and homes

Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research
Burg. van Gansberghelaan 96 box 1 9820 Merelbeke


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