WhatsApp is going to add a useful feature to your Android device or iPhone. You can set a person or group as a Favorite, so that you can find those chats more quickly.

WhatsApp is the most popular (chat) app for communicating with each other, such as sending messages and photos/videos. And WhatsApp certainly does not sit still, because they are always coming up with new features and solutions. For example, we recently reported about new emojis, that WhatsApp does not want to allow screenshots of other profile photos and on pcactive you will also regularly find WhatsApp tips and tricks that you may not yet know. Now WhatsApp adds a new useful feature on iPhone and Android devices.

People and groups as favorites
WhatsApp wants you to be able to set people and groups that are important to you as favorites, according to WAbetainfo. This makes it much easier to find the chats of those people or groups. WhatsApp recently tested this in Android via a test version. The intention is that this new filter will be rolled out to more Android devices in the coming weeks, so there is a good chance that you will have to wait a while before your device has this.
iPhone users who use WhatsApp also have the option to set important people and groups as Favorites. This will come with a new iOS update.

Where and how can you set Favorites?
WhatsApp makes setting up Favorites easy. On Android you have to be on the WhatsApp home screen. At the top left under WhatsApp you will now find the 3 tabs All, Unread and Groups. After the update you will also find the tab here Favorites. (So ​​you have to go into the tab Chats which is located at the bottom left.)
If Favorites Once the button is there, click on it and you can add your important people and groups.

Favorites in WhatsApp