WhatsApp gives you privacy (and spotlights cheating)

It’s safe to hand over your iPhone again. With chat lock, you don’t have to worry about someone reading your secret chats on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp: more privacy (and put cheating in the spotlight)

WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature called ‘Chat Lock’. With this feature you can now protect chats with Face ID or Touch ID. This will prevent anyone else from accessing the conversation on your iPhone.

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WhatsApp mainly devised Chat Lock to better guarantee privacy. But the internet is already buzzing about other ‘benefits’ of this function. For example, it is said that the WhatsApp function makes cheating easier and that it will even cause more divorces.

Reactions on Facebook don’t lie

The reactions on Facebook, among others, do not lie and there are various reasons for which the function can be used. Some users say they find the feature useful for work, which helps them maintain confidentiality.

Other users do see the benefits of not letting their partner just read the messages. It goes even further, because some think that WhatsApp even encourages cheating. Even Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta (the parent company of WhatsApp), is in on the act. He placed an image showing the new feature on Facebook. In this image, the function was used to hide a ‘secret sauce recipe’ and a ‘Fight Club’.

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This is how chat lock works in WhatsApp

So Chat Lock lets you secure a specific conversation with Face ID or Touch ID. This will move the chat to a secure folder (Locked Chats), at the top of the screen. By default, the folder is not visible, but it appears when you swipe down in the chat overview.

This is how you can lock a chat in WhatsApp

To lock a chat, open the conversation. Then tap on the contact’s name (at the top of the screen) and scroll down. Choose ‘Chat lock’ and turn on the option at ‘Lock this chat with Face ID’. You now always have to log in with Face ID or Touch ID to read the content of this conversation.

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Do you want to remove the lock later? Open the secure chat and tap the contact’s name at the top again. Scroll down and uncheck ‘Chat Lock’.

WhatsApp: getting better with privacy

WhatsApp’s Chat Lock is a great feature that can better protect your privacy. But it also emphasizes the importance of open communication and trust in a relationship. Ultimately, you are of course responsible for the conversations that you will or will not lock in WhatsApp.

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