WhatsApp test feature lets AI analyze all your photos

A new feature in WhatsApp beta lets an AI analyze your photos. But what good does it do?

WhatsApp test feature lets AI analyze all your photos

WABetaInfo has found a striking feature in the new beta version of WhatsApp. This allows you to have your photos analyzed by an AI from WhatsApp (and therefore from Meta). The AI ​​can then also adjust the photo for you by means of a text prompt.

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Before you can analyze the photo by the AI ​​in WhatsApp, you first have to send the image to Meta. Then you can ask the AI ​​questions about various things that can be seen in the photo. Think of certain objects in the photo. But you can also ask for more context about, for example, the location or the buildings that can be seen in the photo.

In addition, you also get the option to adjust things via a prompt. You can then ask the AI ​​to make adjustments to the photos and all that from WhatsApp.

The test feature is currently in the beta version of WhatsApp on Android smartphones. It is not known when these features will be available to everyone. Usually it takes a few months before everyone can get started with it. However, it also happens that features in the beta never make it to the official version of WhatsApp.

More new features in WhatsApp

WhatsApp regularly introduces new features in the app. Recently, a number of new versions of WhatsApp have been released in which something new can be found. For example, the app recently got a new look and there are now also passkeys in WhatsApp.

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