Which children’s watch is suitable for which age?

Practicing telling time is of course the most fun with your own watch. But which children’s watch is most suitable for your child? In this blog we list the most frequently asked questions about children’s watches.

At what age do children learn to tell time?

Most children learn to tell time when they are around six years old in group 3 of primary school. There we practice with an analog clock with hands for the hours, minutes and seconds. In group 5, children learn to read the time from a digital clock.

Practicing at home is fine with your own children’s watch; And of course it looks very cool if you have your own watch!

Ice-Watch watch for young children
▴ Simple watch from Ice-Watch for young children

Digital children's watch from Casio
▴ Digital children’s watch from Casio

When is my child ready for their own watch?

3 to 5 years

When your child is ready for their own watch, it of course depends on the child themselves. If your child can tell time a little before group 3, you can start with a simple children’s watch with two hands. The Story Time 3+ watches from Flik Flak are perfect for this age group. On the Flik Flak site you will also find all kinds of fun games and animations that help you learn to tell time.

For many children in this age group, a watch is more of a toy with which they get used to hands and numbers because they do not really have a sense of time yet. A children’s watch in cheerful colors and with nice pictures of (fantasy) animals is often ‘good enough’. Lorus (part of Seiko) has many nice, high-quality watches for younger children.

Flik Flak Storytime 3+ watches
▴ Flik Flak Storytime 3+ with large numbers and two hands

Lorus children's watches with cheerful prints
▴ Lorus children’s watches with cheerful prints

6 to 8 years

From about 6 years old, when the child really learns to tell time and plays outside, for example, having their own watch becomes more important. For example, you can practice coming home on time.

Which children’s watch is suitable for my child?

Just like with watches for adults, there is a wide variety of children’s watches to choose from. As a first watch, a clear analogue dial is the best choice. If your child is a bit older and can already tell the time digitally, a digital watch is of course also an option.

From 8 years

And from around the age of 8, children also develop their own taste. The style of the watch then becomes more important and less ‘childish’. That is why, for example, in the Garonne Kids collection you also see watches with more ‘adult’ themes such as football, cars and superheroes.

Garonne children's watch with football theme
▴ Garonne children’s watch with football theme

Girlie rainbow watch from Ice-Watch
▴ Girlie rainbow watch from Ice-Watch

From 10 years

From about the age of 10, most children have outgrown the children’s watch. Some brands are responding to this and releasing small versions of adult watches. For example Ice-Watch, Festina and Lacoste.

Lacoste 12-12 children's watches
▴ The Lacoste 12-12 children’s watch is based on the famous polo shirt

Festina junior chronograph
▴ Festina junior chronograph that is indistinguishable from an adult watch


When children reach the age of eleven or twelve, they are usually ready for a real adult watch, or even a (simple) smartwatch. For example, you can look at a smaller model watch for women or men. A hip digital retro watch from Casio, for example. Or a sporty activity tracker like the one below from Calypso will also work well with young teenagers.

Casio digital watch with calculator
▴ Casio digital watch with calculator

Small Swatch ladies watch
▴ Small Swatch ladies watch

Calypso activity tracker
▴ Calypso activity tracker

What should I pay attention to when buying a children’s watch?

  • – The most important thing is that a children’s watch fits well and has a sturdy strap. Especially for young children who play a lot, it is best to choose a fabric or rubber strap with many holes so that the watch can be easily put on and taken off and fits comfortably.
  • – Clearly readable dial for children who are still learning to tell time. Preferably white with large numbers.
  • – Does your child play sports or play outside a lot? Then pay attention to the water resistance of the watch. Ice-Watch children’s watches, for example, are 10 ATM waterproof.
  • – Don’t buy a children’s watch that is too small. They grow quickly, so it is okay to purchase something too large. A good rule of thumb (also for adults) is that the height of the cabinet plus cabinet legs should not extend beyond the wrist.

Garmin Vivosmart Activity tracker
▴ Garmin Vivosmart Activity tracker

Michael Kors Alane ladies watch
▴ Michael Kors Alane is a small women’s watch that is also suitable for girls

Tips for wearing and keeping your children’s watch beautiful

  • – By wearing the watch often, your child will get used to reading the time most quickly. But it is wise to take off the watch before going to sleep.
  • – Enjoy playing outside with your watch on. But if your child often plays in the sandbox, it is better to take off the watch because sand scratches and gets into everything. Still played in the sand? Then rinse the watch (minimum 5 bar/50 meters water resistance) with clean water. Be sure to check in advance whether the crown is closed!
  • – If the watch is not waterproof (1 or 3 bar), teach your child to take off the watch when showering and swimming.
  • – And preferably lay the watch flat. Never on the glass or crown. This way your child learns to handle valuables properly in a playful way.

Children’s watches at Techzle

With a choice of more than 300 children’s watches, there is a nice watch for every child at Techzle.

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