Which smartwatch suits me? Five questions and answers

Choosing the smartwatch that suits you best is something you should take some time to do. A smartwatch is often an investment, so you want to be sure that you will enjoy your new purchase. That is why we have listed five important questions about smartwatches for you.

1. What type are you?

Are you a real gadget freak who always uses the latest apps first and can’t wait for the latest generation smartphone to be released? Or is technology more something that makes your life easier for you, but is not the most important thing? That is the first question you should ask yourself when considering purchasing a smartwatch.

Are you crazy about using all available technology to its limits? Then go for a comprehensive smartwatch that works independently of your smartphone. You can find this type of smartphone from Samsung, Garmin or the latest generation of Fossil smartwatches, among others. For example, the Samsung Galaxy, Garmin Fenix ​​6 or the Fossil Garrett.

Photo Samsung SA.R820BM Galaxy Active 2
▴ Samsung SA.R820BM Galaxy Active 2

Photo Garmin Fenix ​​6
▴ Garmin Fenix ​​6

Photo Fossil FTW6036 Gen 5 touchscreen smartwatch
▴ Fossil FTW6036 Gen 5 touchscreen smartwatch

2. How smart do you want to be?

Do you especially like the smart functions or find them useful as an extra? Then take a look at hybrid or connected smartwatches that combine the benefits of smart with the functions of a regular watch. For example, the hybrid smartwatches from Fossil or the Bluetooth Connected watches from Casio.

Photo Fossil FTW 7008 hybrid smartwatch
▴ Fossil FTW 7008 hybrid smartwatch

Photo Festina F50002/1 Hybrid smartwatch
▴ Festina F50002/1 Hybrid smartwatch

Photo Garmin Vivomove hybrid smartwatch
▴ Garmin Vivomove hybrid smartwatch

Do you want to use the smartwatch for specific functions, for example to work on your fitness? Then the choice for a specifically sports-oriented smartwatch makes sense. For example, a simple activity tracker from Calypso or one of the advanced connected sports watches from the G-Shock G-Squad collection.

Photo Calypso K8500/1 Activity tracker
▴ Calypso K8500/1 Activity tracker

Photo G-Shock G-Squad
▴ G-Shock G-Squad

Photo Lotus Smartime 50013/4 with sports functions
▴ Lotus Smartime 50013/4 with sports functions

Use the compare function on our site to see which functions are available on your favorite watch.

3. Which style suits you?

Do you have a casual style or are you dressed more businesslike? Do you mainly use your smartwatch for exercising or do you wear it all day? There is a smartwatch for every style. For example, the Swiss connected watches from Jaguar or the ultra-sporty Vivo-Active from Garmin. Or are you perhaps more of a fashionista who goes for a stylish smartwatch from Michael Kors?

Photo Jaguar J888/4 Connected watch
▴ Jaguar J888/4 Connected watch

Photo Michael Kors MKT 5089 Bradshaw touchscreen smartwatch
▴ Michael Kors MKT 5089 Bradshaw touchscreen smartwatch

Photo Casio Edifice EQB-1000D-1AER connected watch
▴ Casio Edifice EQB-1000D-1AER connected watch

4. What may it cost?

At Techzle we sell activity trackers from €39. What a smartwatch costs depends on the software, functions, hardware and materials used. Once you have answered the above questions and you know what your budget is, you can make a choice. Go to our smartwatch page and click on the price range in which you want to buy a smartwatch.

5. What else should I pay attention to?

As the great Johan Cruyff said: “Every advantage has its disadvantage.” A complete smartwatch is extremely useful, but consumes power and needs to be charged often. And a simple activity tracker may be affordable, but it also offers little functionality. That is why we have finally listed some advantages and disadvantages of the different types of smartwatches for you, so that you can make an even better choice.

Type of smart watch Advantages NB!

Touch screen smart watch

A mini smartphone on your wrist.

Works independently of your phone. Most complete in terms of functions.

Uses a lot of power. Needs to be charged more often. Higher price. Usually quite large and thick. Not always easy to operate.

Pay attention to compatibility with your phone and available updates.

Hybrid smartwatch

Combined smartwatch and traditional watch with real hands.

Looks like a traditional watch. More efficient energy use. The best of smart and connected combined.

Lots of difference between brands and specifications.

Pay attention to compatibility with your phone and available updates.

Connected watch

Traditional watch with smart functions that are operated via smartphone

Is a traditional watch with extras.

Watch functions work independently of phone. The app on your phone is always up to date.

Smart functions (usually) do not work without a connection to your phone.

Big differences in price and quality.

Activity tracker

Simple connected watch with limited functions

Does what it is intended for. Easy to operate. Affordable. Works independently of your phone. Minimal functionality.

Have fun with your new smartwatch!

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