Why the G-Shock MRG-B2000SH is worth every cent (of €7,400)

Once a year, G-Shock releases an exceptional Limited Edition watch in the MR-G line, of which only a few hundred are made. We are always very happy and proud when we can sell one or two of these special watches. This is also the case with the MRG-B2000SH Syougeki-maru, which, like the previous editions, embodies the perfection and refinement of traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

Photo Previous limited editions of MR-G
▴ Previous limited editions of MR-G

At €7,400, the MRG-B2000SH is not for everyone. It is therefore interesting every year to read the fierce discussions that these Limited Editions cause on social media. Some people find it ridiculous that a Casio watch has to cost so much money. Others are eager to become one of the few owners of such a piece of art.

You understand that we belong to the latter category, because in our opinion the MRG-B2000SH is worth every cent.

In any case, at G-Shock you get an excellent quality watch for a reasonable price – in every price range.
It actually works exactly the same as in the automotive industry. Not everyone can afford a supercar, but the technology used in it naturally trickles down to the middle class – and later – the entry-level models.

In the meantime, Casio’s Japanese master watchmakers are quietly working – in-house – on ever better and more innovative technologies.

Photo Rear MRG-B2000SH
▴ Rear MRG-B2000SH

Photo Detail engraving and structure MRG-B2000SH
▴ Detail engraving and structure MRG-B2000SH

MR-G is the premium watch line from G-Shock

“If every detail is special, the whole becomes a masterpiece.” This is the rationale behind all watches in the MR-G line. A high-quality G-Shock collection, which focuses entirely on titanium and extremely precise timing via the most advanced GPS and radio technology.

With the limited and numbered MRG-B2000SH Syougeki-maru, limited to 400 pieces worldwide, G-Shock takes this concept one level higher.

Inspired by a Kabuto samurai helmet

“Shougeki-Maru” is the name of the original kabuto helmet, commissioned by Casio G-Shock by Yuzan Suzukine and master metalworker Masao Kobayashi. This helmet was the inspiration for the MRG-B2000SH Syougeki-maru watch.

The ‘bezel’ on the MRG-B2000SH represents the decorative ‘crest’ of the helmet and is hand-engraved with an image of a soaring dragon climbing towards the sky.

Kabuto (兜, 冑) is a type of helmet that is part of the traditional Japanese armor worn by the samurai and their followers. A typical kabuto has a central dome made up of three to more than a hundred metal plates riveted together. These ito odoshi plates are tied together with navy blue cords, the color of which is reflected in the accents of the watch.

The structural finish of the watch is derived from the ‘tetsu sabiji’ technique of metal casting in sand molds that was used to make this type of helmet. This technique was imitated by casting the titanium in special molds made from the original sand molds that craftsman Masanao Kikuchi made for the production of the kabuto. Combined with several layers of ion plating, this creates a ‘rusty’ appearance.

Photo Masao Kobayashi
▴ Masao Kobayashi

Photo The kabuto helmet
▴ The kabuto helmet that inspired the watch

Each copy is unique and finished by hand

Each bezel (the ring on the watch between which the glass is clamped) of this new watch has been individually hand-engraved by Masao Kobayashi. The pattern is literally punched in with a hammer and some sort of chisel. This means that the pattern on every watch is slightly different. In addition, each watch is made in the Casio factory in Japan (Yamagata), where quality control is at a very high level. The few watchmakers who work there undergo at least 5 years of training before they can use the title Meister and only then are they allowed to work on this type of watch.

The rugged textures and unique colors of the Syougeki-maru combine to create a design that evokes the beauty of the traditional kabuto helmet with perfection in every detail.

Masao Kobayashi

Masao Kobayashi is one of Japan’s most important artisan metalworkers. He is a third generation metalworker and engraver from the city of Otsu. Normally, Kobayashi works on traditional decorations for shrines and temples, restores historic cultural properties and crafts instruments for the tea ceremony. He continues a family tradition, which makes him a highly respected professional in Japan.

Not too much or too little, just perfection, also in technology

Limited to 400 pieces, the MRG-B2000SH-5A features a recrystallized titanium housing with a deep hardening treatment and AIP (arc ion plating), Tough Solar light energy, Multi-Band 6 automatic radio time adjustment and Bluetooth smartphone link.

Furthermore, the watch also has magnetic resistance in accordance with ISO 764, world time (with automatic summer time changeover, home time / world time changeover), 1 second stopwatch (23:59’59 max), 1 second countdown timer (max. 24 hours), daily alarm, day and date display and LED lighting (Super Illuminator).

Of course, the watch is optimally shock resistant and 200 meters waterproof. Because no matter how exceptional, it remains a G-Shock!

Limited Edition G-Shock watches at Techzle

The price of this special MRG-B2000SH Syougeki-maru is out of budget for most of us. But Techzle also has a nice collection of Limited Edition G-Shocks in stock for all G-Shock enthusiasts. For example, the Full Metal with unique lasered case or the classic Carbon Guard with extra straps. Whichever G-Shock Limited you choose, you are always assured of a unique and almost indestructible watch.

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