Many people are looking for a good security camera for the holiday season. PC-Active tested the Woox R3569, a well-priced PTZ security camera with solar panel and for HCC members with a significant discount of almost 50%.

Aad Munsterman

We know Woox from a wide range of smart products, such as the smart plug R6113 and R6118 and the R4238 smart water controller. Woox also sells many security cameras and a new variant is the smart PTZ camera RS3569, where PTZ stands for Pan/Tilt/Zoom or turn/tilt/zoom. Read here whether this camera is suitable for you as a surveillance camera to protect your home and belongings…

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Woox R3569 product solar panel online

The Woox R3569 is a fairly large camera with its dimensions of 11.5 x 14 x 14 cm (W x H x D) and it weighs 245 grams. In addition, this camera comes with a separate solar panel for charging the camera. It has an internal non-replaceable 5200 mAh rechargeable battery that is charged via the handy solar panel or USB-C. The Woox R3569 is only available in black and must be mounted on a vertical surface. Furthermore, the IP65 value indicates that the camera is dust and spray water resistant.

The Woox R3569 security camera is set to a livestream video resolution of 2304 by 1296 pixels (3 MP). You can also choose to enable SD image (640 x 360 pixels), which saves storage space.
The whole thing works wirelessly via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. The camera has dual speech, meaning you can talk to someone standing near the camera and that person can also talk (back) to you. There is also sound and motion detection with adjustable sensitivity, a siren and 4 infrared LEDs for up to 10 meters. Finally, for nighttime shots, you can choose between black and white and color with the Color Night or Smart Night options.

The installation is done via the WOOX app and involves choosing the R3569 under the Cameras tab and following the indicated steps. The included manual is limited to installation and for the rest please refer to the FAQ in the app.
However, at the bottom of this article you can find the extensive manual download that Woox made available to us.
The Pan has a wide panoramic range of 340 degrees and the Tilt a range of 157 degrees vertically. The Zoom control is via the screen with spread/pinch on the screen. The Woox cloud service or an optional SD card of up to 128 GB that is inserted into the bottom of the camera can be used to store the image.
We see the 3W solar panel doing a good job and thus maintaining the battery, but it obviously needs sun. If not, USB-C charging is the option and will be approximately every 4 months depending on the number of triggers. The RS3569 can be used with Amazon Alexa with video on the Echo Show and Google Home with the Nest Hub.

The images through the F2.0 bright lens are clear and good. At night, some image noise may occur with color images and little ambient light. Recordings can be made directly from the live image. The sensitivity of the motion detection can be adjusted to High, Medium and Low. If there are trees, shrubs or plants in the field of view and there is quite a bit of wind, we see false alarms. However, trees and shrubs can be excluded via Pan and Tilt. If this is not possible, you can choose “Body detection”, which will only trigger on human shapes.
Triggered images can be viewed on the timeline via Playback. Interesting images can be recorded there (video or photo), after which they appear in the Gallery and can be forwarded from there. The time of the recorded image can be seen at the top left. This is a bit difficult to read on a small screen and white sky, but is clearly visible when enlarged. For security reasons, the SD card cannot be read on a computer.

The Woox R3569 is an attractively priced camera that works worry-free with sunlight and WiFi. The image section to be monitored can be determined via the Pan and Tilt function. Objects moving due to wind must be kept out of view. The picture is fine with clear natural images and, if desired, in color at night. The readability in the app in particular of the date and time data can be improved.

4 stars
Woox R3569 PTZ outdoor camera with solar panel
Recommended retail price: €139.99

Please note: only HCC members receive a whopping 75 euro discount on this cameraclick here

Plus points:
+ good price for a PTZ camera
+ local image storage via SD card

– no privacy/detection limitation

Below you will find the PDF file of the extensive manual for the Woox R3569:

R3569 Dutch manual