WWDC 2023 hints: Apple secretly already knows this

The next WWDC is coming very soon. Exactly what Apple will present is not officially known yet. Yet Apple always gives a few hidden hints and that is also the case with WWDC 2023!

WWDC 2023 Hints

From Monday 5 June at 19:00 you have to be ready: WWDC 2023 will start again. Exactly what Apple will reveal is not yet known. But Apple always lifts a corner of the veil by throwing in a few hints. These are the WWDC 2023 hints we found.

If you look closely at the WWDC 2023 logo, you will see a stack of colored bows. These arches look a bit like the lenses in Virtual Reality glasses. They are also curved. So this could point to the announcement of Apple’s Virtual Reality glasses.

wdc 2023

Playlist in Apple Music for WWDC 2023

Apple also has a special one WWDC playlist in Apple Music released. There are probably some hints hidden in this special WWDC 2023 playlist as well. For example, the playlist lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes. That could mean that the main keynote is going to be so long.

Apple has published a playlist of music for WWDC more often, but it remains interesting. There are 25 songs and at the top (below the title) you can read ‘Kick off you session – and your summer – with the season’s biggest artists’.

Apple always calls the presentations that follow the keynote “sessions.” These sessions highlight one of the new features in iOS 17. That would mean at least 25 new features coming.

apple reality concept

The playlist could also indicate that the VR glasses will soon receive games such as Beat Saber or Dance Central. Beat Saber was already rumored for its VR goggles and being one of the most popular VR games. In addition, Apple has been working on bringing more games to the Mac in recent years. And music games are still not many.

WWDC 2023 in brief

The WWDC is an annual Apple event. A series of new products are announced every year. During this annual event, Apple always presents new software updates for almost all products. WWDC 2023 will again last five days. Developers and students are then welcome (if invited) at the Apple Park in Cupertino, California.

In addition to the above WWDC 2023 hints, the biggest reveal will of course be iOS 17. In addition to iOS 17, WWDC 2023 will likely also release updates for your Mac, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Apple will launch iPadOS 17, tvOS 17, watchOS 10 and macOS 14.

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