You can read this in AutoWeek 8

You can read this in AutoWeek 8

AutoWeek 8 will be in stores from Wednesday or will fall on your doormat this week. In this issue we are going in all directions again. For example, there is a trio test between three compact crossovers, we drive the new Lamborghini Countach and also the new Opel Astra.

To start with, this week we put three ‘pioneers’ side by side. The Nissan Juke is rightly regarded as the car that put the compact crossover on the map. However, it was not the first of its kind, as the Suzuki S-Cross family tree begins four years earlier. In a heavily revised form, he can show whether the lead has been maintained, together with a Juke and ‘trend follower’ Opel Crossland.

A car that has been an indispensable member of the Dutch fleet for much longer is the Opel Astra. The all-new J-generation is here and it’s very different from its predecessors in many ways, though there are subtle hints of a bygone era. Jan Lemkes set out to discover how the first Astra created under PSA presents itself.

Opel Astra

More news from Germany? Yes, of course. What about the Volkswagen ID Buzz. With this, the T1 is finally revived after an extremely long period in which we were repeatedly presented with retro concept vans. Frank Jacobs was already able to drive it, even though the ID Buzz has yet to be revealed.

For an endurance test report we went out with ‘our’ Nissan Qashqai. The winter tires that are underneath have hardly been able to prove their value here in the Netherlands. They are much more likely to be put to the test in the French Alps. You would think so, at least. We’re going that way anyway.

Lamborghini Countach

Last year Lamborghini took the famous name Countach out of mothballs and stuck it on a well-crafted Aventador. We are of course very curious how the new Countach is in real life, but also whether the car is worth the iconic name. So it’s high time for a comparison with the ‘real thing’.

In the occasion corner of our magazine it is also a nice diverse event this week. For example, we have a Ford Focus Wagon ST on the dynamometer. Maybe not the first car you think of when you talk about fast station wagons. Let’s see what happens when he flexes his muscles for a ride on the roller.

Ford Focus ST Wagon Dynamometer

Of course, a well-used car can also prove that there is still life in Klokje Rond. This time it is a Fiat Bravo with more than 370,000 km behind it. When you consider how few Fiat Bravos have been sold, it is striking how often you see it in traffic. That says something about the durability of this model. Can this copy prove that?

Finally, we have another electric car as our guest in our new Battery Degradation section. This time a BMW i3 from 2013 with the 60 Ah battery. So the smallest. We are investigating what is left of its modest range after more than eight years of loyal service.

BMW i3 Battery Degradation

All that and more can be read in the latest AutoWeek. It will be in stores from Wednesday this week. Would you rather not go out? Order from the comfort of your home the latest number. Then it will be delivered to your doorstep within two working days.

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