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When we create a document in Word, it largely consists of the letters in the alphabet and the numbers from our numerical system. However, you also use symbols in some documents. If you want to search for and replace those symbols, it can sometimes be a bit of searching for the right symbol, but that is not necessary.

Search and replace

Finding and replacing text in Word is very simple, but to be sure we will explain it to you. Press Ctrl + F to open the search window on the left. Then click on the down arrow in the search field and on To replace in the menu that unfolds. Now type in the field Search the text you want to replace and then in the field Is replaced by the text that you want to see instead. As you can see, you only have space for text here, you cannot call up an overview of symbols in it.

Search and replace
You can easily Search and replace in Word, but you can only type text.

Look up symbols

Suppose we want to replace the euro sign in a text with the sign of the Japanese Yen. We find the euro sign on our keyboard or simply insert it with Ctrl + Alt + 5. If you want to insert the Yen character, click (in the current text, not in the search window) Insert and then on Symbols and then on again Symbol. Click now More symbols to display all available symbols. You now see an overview of symbols here, including the Yen (you may have to scroll for that. Click on this sign and then on Insert. You can now easily copy this symbol (with Ctrl + C) and then paste it into the field Is replaced by (with Ctrl + V). Also good to know, you can see at the bottom that the shortcut key for this symbol is Alt + 0165, so you can also insert it in the field Is replaced by.

Look up symbol
You can look up the symbols you need in Word and paste or insert them in the Replace with field.

Copy symbols

The method in step 2 is a fairly simple way to find the symbols you need. If you want it even faster, simply use the power of Google. Instead of browsing through all the symbols in Word, you can also simply search for the yen symbol in Google. The symbol will be displayed in the search results. Copy the symbol (make sure you select the text symbol and not an image) and paste it in the field Is replaced by in Word. The symbol will appear there after which you can search and replace.

Yen symbol
You can also just look up the symbols in Google, which is sometimes much faster.

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