Electric Aiways U5: faster charging, higher price

Subtly improved

Aiways U5Aiways U5Aiways U5Aiways U5Aiways U5Aiways U5

Aiways U5 2022

The electric Aiways U5 gets an upgrade that removes one of the biggest criticisms of the SUV. The result: faster charging, but also a higher starting price.

In April we already wrote about a small number of adjustments that the Chinese Aiways is making on its electric SUV U5. The Aiways U5 was not even available with a three-phase charger for an additional fee, but from now on it has an 11 kW three-phase charger, which is also standard. With the 11 kW charger, the 63 kWh battery pack can be charged from 20 to 80 percent in 35 minutes.

In addition, Aiways is reviewing the flavors in which the U5 comes. It was previously available as Standard, Showroom and Premium and is now only available as XCite and Prima. The XCite costs €40,950, the Prima changes hands from €44,850. You can recognize the subtly renewed Aiways U5 by the antenna, or rather by the lack of a visible copy on the roof. In addition, Aiways supplies the U5 in a new gray paint color. The U5 will not remain the only electric SUV from Aiways, because in time the brand will also add the U6 – an SUV with a strongly sloping roofline – to its delivery range in Europe.


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