Mazda recorded a significant quarterly loss

Mazda will be severely hit during the first quarter of the current fiscal year. Between April 1 and June 30, Mazda sold 244,000 cars worldwide, making the Japanese brand a big deal.

In terms of percentage, European sales of Mazda fell the most. Compared to the first sales quarter of the previous fiscal year, Mazda recorded a 58 percent drop. This is because only 28,000 Europeans bought a new Mazda. Only 1.1 percent of the newly sold cars in Europe during that period are Mazda.

The North American market is the largest for Mazda, but sales there also logically declined due to the corona crisis. In total, 81,000 North Americans purchased a new Mazda: 19 percent less than a year earlier. Things are also not going too well in home country Japan: 26,000 new cars were sold there between April 1 and June 30 (-34 percent).

All this together ensures that Mazda starts its new financial year with a turnover of converted € 3.2 billion. The operating loss is therefore € 380.4 million, the net loss is slightly higher at € 560.4 million. Now that the factories are allowed to run again, Mazda dares to make a careful forecast for the rest of the year. Throughout the financial year, the brand hopes to sell a total of 1.3 million cars, of which 196,000 are in Europe. Turnover should amount to € 23.8 billion, with the loss expected to amount to € 750 million.

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