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Podcasts are the medium of the hour. Whether on the go or at home – more and more people are listening. It doesn’t always have to be about politics, news and comedy. We’ll introduce you to some podcasts that you may not be familiar with.

There are socially relevant topics that you may not know much about yourself, but that can be extremely exciting and instructive. We introduce you to six unusual podcasts that give you new insights into unknown worlds or topics – from protagonists, for whom these are everyday life.

Everyday life in the rescue service is covered in his new podcast
With the podcast “2Retter1Mikro” you get to know everyday life in the rescue service. (Photo: CCO Public Domain / Unsplash – Camilo Jimenez)


We have known how important “systemically relevant” professions are since the outbreak of the corona pandemic at the latest. But they are also indispensable. The former presenter Tobi Schlegl completely changed his life four and a half years ago and retrained as a paramedic.

To the Everyday life in the rescue service is covered in his new podcast “2Retter1Mikro”. Tobi Schlegl interviews colleagues, talks about the tough everyday life, the workload and becomes political in the process. At the end of each episode there is also helpful first aid knowledge.

Despite the sometimes tough stuff, Schlegl also wants to advertise the paramedic profession. The aim is to get more young people interested in the job. Because this is really a meaningful job with which you can make the world a better place. You can hardly tell about it more authentically than someone who has had this experience themselves.

The Lila Podcast is a feminist authority in Germany.
A sympathetic feminist get-together that reinvented itself in 2020. (Photo: CCO Public Domain / Unsplash – Sinitta Leunen)

Purple podcast

The Lila podcast is one feminist authority in Germany and still has to be mentioned here, because he took a six-month break in 2020 to completely reinvent and diversify himself.

In the new format, the presenters Shoko, Laura, Lena, Sham and Laura talk about that World events from a feminist perspective. With the new team, the focus has become more international. The focus is not only on Germany, but also on the feminist movement in Beirut and the protests against the abortion ban in Poland.

The Lila podcast is a great example of how a project can rethink and change its white perspective. A really sympathetic feminist get-together, which we also recommend to men, in order to approach the topic and, above all, to understand it in all its facets.

“Tupodcast” is about everyday discrimination and political activism (Photo: CCO Public Domain / Unsplash – Yclay Banks)


At least since the murder of George Floyd in the USA, that too Criticism of systemic racism in Germany has become louder. But mostly when racism is discussed, almost exclusively white guests are invited to talk shows.

Even before Alice Hasters wrote her groundbreaking bestseller “What white people don’t want to hear about racism, but should know“Wrote, Tupoka Ogette was already active as an anti-racism trainer. Her book “Exit Racism“Has become a bestseller in the last year.

Anyone who is interested in her very important work should beTupodcast“By speaking to black women about everyday discrimination and political activism. Racism is and will remain a socially relevant issue that we should not only hear about on the basis of scandals.

One episode "Lecture Hall" usually offers enough topics to talk about for an evening with friends.
One episode “Lecture Hall” usually offers enough topics to talk about for an evening with friends. (Photo: CCO Public Domain / Unsplash – Nathan Dumlao)

Lecture hall

The idea for this podcast is as simple as it is ingenious and should not be missing from the list of unusual podcasts. Why not just set up a microphone where very clever things are said anyway: namely in lecture halls.

This happens several times a week in the Deutschlandfunk Nova podcast “Hörsaal”. Most of the time they have their say Scientists who give exciting insights into their topics. A subsequent lecture hall usually offers enough topics to talk about for an evening with friends. Is Generation Y spoiled and conservative? Are there children who are so difficult to educate that our health system is overwhelmed? The answers can be found in the “lecture hall” and in much more detail than usual on the radio.

And we can put ourselves (back) in the role of a student right away: Cosmopolitan, inquisitive and not quite so preoccupied. So someone with a lot of drive and drive to make the world a better place.

With “Tracks & Traces” you get insights that are not available in any other interview.
With “Tracks & Traces” you get insights that are not available in any other interview. (Photo: CCO Public Domain / Unsplash – Spencer Imbrock)

Tracks & Traces

There are very few podcasts in Germany that really deal with music. One of the reasons for this is that in Germany, due to GEMA, it is not so easy to play music in podcasts. Plus, music journalism isn’t as well paid as it was years ago, when social media wasn’t that important.

The internet station tries again elaborate music journalism. With “Tracks & Traces” he has adapted a very successful format from the USA. In the “Song Explorer” podcast, world stars take their songs apart track by track and explain how they were created. It’s very exciting because you notice who is planning dictatorially and who is more likely to let the riffs and melodies come.

In German, however, that works very well with “Tracks & Traces”. You get Insights that cannot be found in any other interview. Because this is really about the music. And that’s almost revolutionary. Especially at a time when we are now more used to actually only consuming the finished songs instead of understanding their creation and the ideas of the artists behind them.

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Wind of Change

This New Yorker’s podcast was the big hit last year and must definitely be recommended here. Unfortunately it is only available in English. In the podcast, however, an interesting and absurd question is asked – even for Germans: Was the Scorpions song “Wind of Change” actually written by the CIA?

What sounds stupid, it is, but leads podcaster Radden Keefe to one long and confused journey through world history. You learn more about the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall here than in some public service documentaries. Is “Wind of Change” a CIA invention to connect the Eastern Bloc to the Western world? The answer is in the podcast and of course the Scorpions also have their say.

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