This is how the Smart Connector of the iPad Pro works

Have you (seen) an iPad Pro? Then you may have noticed the three dots on the side. What are they for and how do you use them? You can read all about it in this article.

Smart Connector

The iPad Pro has three dots in the middle on the long side on the left side of the screen. This is the Smart Connector. If you buy an accessory such as the Smart Keyboard or the Create from Logitech, you attach it to the Smart Connector of the iPad. That has some advantages.

The first advantage is that it is easy to connect such an accessory. Previously, with such keyboards you had to make sure that Bluetooth was on and then link them together via the Settings app. With the Smart Connector that is no longer necessary. You simply click the accessory and pairing is automatic. In the case of a keyboard, it is nothing more than clicking and typing.

In addition to an easy connection, you no longer have to worry about batteries and cables. The accessory is supplied with power via the iPad Pro via the Smart Connector. On the other hand, the direct link is necessary, so that the iPad registers it immediately when you press keys, for example.

Ease of use

For example, Apple’s own keyboard, the Smart Keyboard, works with the Smart Connector, but other accessory makers can also make their devices work with it. The Logitech Create keyboard does this, for example. But manufacturers don’t necessarily have to add it to their stuff. A keyboard case also still works with Bluetooth on the iPad Pro.

However, it is to be hoped that many accessory makers do use the option to connect things directly. The intention is that iPad Pro owners can really use the device as a work tablet. Then you no longer want to deal with peripheral matters such as coupling and empty batteries. This solution from Apple is one for ease of use.

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