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Do you want to use a video for a project whose sound quality is disappointing? Then you will undoubtedly want to remove the audio from the video file. There are several ways to do this without costing you a penny. We use the well-known VLC media player here.

Step 1: On to VLC

VLC is a freeware media player that should not be missing on any computer, if only because this program can play so many different types of video. The official download website is: Open the program and click in the menu Media / Convert / Save. In the next screen you choose To add and navigate to the video file you want to remove the sound from. In our case, the file is in the Videos folder. Select it and click To open.

Open the video file using the Convert / Save menu item.

Step 2: Convert

Now that the file is open, it is time to separate the audio from the video. Click again Convert / save. This will cause VLC to open the video conversion window. In the Convertwindow you have to choose a profile at the bottom. Select a suitable one Output mode and then click the button with the wrench: Edit selected profile. In the dialog that follows, there are a plethora of options available. Use the tab Encapsulate and select a video container of your choice. We choose MP4 / MOV because we want an mp4 video as a result.

In this case, we are going for the mp4 format.

Step 3: Deselect audio

Then click on the second tab: Video codec. In this tab you put a check mark Keep original video track. Then open the tab Audio codec. Make sure the option Audio is not checked. Finally, click on the Save button to keep all settings.

Then it is time to indicate where you want to save the new video file without sound. Press the button Leaves next Target file. Select the desired location, enter a suitable file name for this file and click Save. Now click on Startso that VLC converts the original video to a new movie file without the sound. From now on you can open the new file with VLC or another media player to check if the sound is indeed gone.

The Audio option in the Audio Codec tab must be turned off.

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