Volvo XC40 with new entry-level engine and mild hybrid technology, diesels out

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Volvo XC40 2020

Volvo XC40 2020

Volvo is renewing the engine range of the XC40. The brand introduces a new, 129-horsepower entry-level engine, adds mild hybrid technology and scraps diesel engines.

Volvo is reviewing the XC40’s engine range for 2020. Starting in the new year, the SUV can only be obtained with gasoline engines, with or without hybrid technology. A fully electric version will be added to the range during the course of the year.

New to the line-up is the XC40 T2. It is a 129 hp version of the 1.5 three-cylinder engine that the brand also mounts in the XC40 T3, but with 163 hp. The T2 version can also be supplied with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Due to the cosmt of the new engine version, the starting price drops to 37,995 euros for the new Momentum Core version. It is equipped with LED headlights, 17-inch alloy wheels, a digital instrument panel, an information system with a 9-inch touch screen and parking sensors.

The T4 and T5 petrol versions will now be known as B4 and B5, with the addition of mild hybrid technology. The 2.0 four-cylinder engine has also received more power, in the T4 7 hp more (now 197 hp) and in the T5 3 hp (now 250 hp). The smart starter-generator can also provide extra power and pulling power for a short time. The T3 petrol version and the T5 Plug-in Hybrid remain unchanged, the D3 and D4 diesel versions disappear from the range. You will find the new line-up with the starting prices in the table below.

Line-up and starting prices 2020 Volvo XC40
engine version power from price
T2 129 hp € 37,995
vending machine € 39,995
T3 163 hp € 41,995
vending machine € 43,995
B4 197 hp vending machine € 48,495
4wd € 52,495
B5 250 hp vending machine 4wd € 56,995
T5 Plug-in Hybrid 262 hp vending machine € 47,495

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