5 best smart home offers from eufy at a glance (ADV)

If you’re familiar with smart home products, eufy won’t be an unfamiliar name. The smart home brand has some great offers again. We list the five best for you.

A smart house from eufy

With eufy products you make your home a lot more intelligent. Think of a robot that takes the vacuuming off your hands or a smart doorbell, so that you never miss the parcel deliverer again. You can temporarily score various products with significant discounts.

Below we list the five best offers from eufy for you. Enter the code that we mention with each product when checking out to receive the discount. The promotions are valid until February 29, so be quick!

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1. Video Doorbell E340 (2 pack) with HomeBase – save 84 euros

Install the Video Doorbell E340 and you know exactly what’s happening at your door. Even if you’re not at home, you won’t miss anything. The eufy smart doorbell recognizes people and packages. As soon as someone – for example the parcel deliverer – is at your door, you will receive a notification on your iPhone. The package can then be left at your doorstep with peace of mind, because if someone wants to take the box with them, you will receive another notification.

Even when it is dark, you can see everything in front of your front door and that is thanks to the night vision. With limited light you can see up to five meters. It can be used on its own, but also in combination with the HomeBase S380 that is included in this bundle. This allows you to control all your smart home devices. Use the code WS24T8214LP2T8030 to get a discount of 83.84 euros on two doorbells with HomeBase S380. You then pay 475.14 euros.

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2. eufy Clean X8 Pro – save 120 euros

The eufy Clean X8 Pro ensures that you never have to vacuum yourself again. It accurately maps your home to determine an optimal route. Set prohibited zones or boundaries in the app so that it knows exactly where you want it to clean.

Moreover, you no longer have to pull hairs out of the brush, because it automatically removes them itself. He can also mop. Enter the code WS24T2266 at checkout Receive a 120 euro discount. You therefore pay 329.99 euros for the smart vacuum cleaner.

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3. eufy Clean X8 Hybrid – save 150 euros

The Clean X8 Hybrid is also on offer at eufy. It is a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner, which means that it vacuums and mops at the same time. This makes the cleaning time a lot shorter. The reservoir is large enough to mop for up to 140 minutes.

For a 150 euro discount, use the code in your shopping cart WSAFLG. The intelligent cleaning aid now only costs you 278.95 euros.

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4. eufyCam S330 with Video Doorbell E340 – save 110 euros

Secure the area around your house by hanging the eufyCam S330. This allows you to see who is haunting even at night in 4K quality. The light-sensitive system improves images when there is not enough light, so you can recognize people even better. The smart camera recognizes family members, so you don’t receive notifications when someone comes home.

It is also useful that it always has power. Via the solar panel on top of the camera, it generates enough power to keep working all the time with two hours a day in the sun. You temporarily save 110 euros on the purchase of a bundle with the eufyCam S330 and the Video Doorbell E340 with the code WS24T8871T8214. Together they cost 619.65 euros.

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5. SoloCam C210 (2 pack) – save 70 euros

If you are only looking for a security camera, eufy has a good deal for the SoloCam C210. You can now get two of these fine cameras with a discount of 70 euros through the code WSAFLG to enter. As a result, they will only cost you 129.99 euros.

The SoloCam C210 is compact and can be used wirelessly. So you hang it wherever you want. It can easily withstand wind and weather, because it has an IP67 rating. You can safely store three months’ worth of images on the device itself. Moreover, it knows the difference between humans and animals, so that you only receive a notification when it is really necessary.

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Even more offers at eufy

In addition to these deals, eufy has much more to make your home smarter and more secure. View all offers on the eufy site via the button below.

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