5 gadgets to prevent laptop overheating

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If you work long hours on your laptop, the device can sometimes get quite warm. Especially now that summer is coming. How do you keep your laptop cool? Fortunately, there are many accessories that help prevent laptop overheating.

1. Foldable laptop / Macbook stand – Aluminum

If you sit in the same position behind your laptop for a long time, you may experience back or neck problems at some point. By placing your laptop at eye level using a stand, you can work much more comfortably. This standard increases the screen of your laptop and is also made of aluminum, so that part of the heat that comes out of your laptop is absorbed. The stand is designed to provide cooling and airflow. This way you will not suffer from overheating.

2. CLIMB Wind Laptop Cooling Pad

This laptop cooler has four powerful fans to prevent your laptop from getting too hot. You can use the cooling pad for multiple purposes. The accessory from KLIM is large enough to keep a PC or game console cool, for example. After a summer’s day of hard work, you can easily take the cooling pad to the living room for hours of gaming without worrying about overheating.

3. TopMate C5 12-15.6 inch Gaming Laptop Cooler

Speaking of gaming, those who use their laptop purely for long gaming sessions can try this high-tech standard from TopMate. The standard can be set at different heights and also has different positions, so you can determine how much ventilation is needed. The laptop cooler also looks futuristic because of the blue lights that you can turn on or off.

4. Fellowes Maxi Cool Laptop Stand

This standard from Fellowes looks like a barbecue grill, but for good reason. Inside you will find a powerful, quiet fan, which you connect to the USB port of your laptop. The stand is suitable for laptops with a maximum screen size of 15.6 inches. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust the holder of the stand.

5. Deltaco GAMING GAM-073

If you take your laptop with you wherever you go, it may not be useful to bring a large standard every time. This laptop cooler from Deltaco can then be the solution. You connect this to the air outlet of your (gaming) laptop and ensure that the air flow is cooled. With the silver button on the top of the accessory you can control the airflow of the radiator yourself. Please note that the cooler works most effectively with laptops no thinner than 10 mm.


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