5 tips to survive the Apple event on Monday night

Surprise: next week we will be treated to an Apple event. But fans will have to stay up late to watch it live: it doesn’t start until 1:00 am! You’ll survive with these tips.

Apple event October 2023 tips

It’s only been a month and a half since the iPhone 15 was announced with much fanfare, but Apple isn’t done for this year yet. On the night from Monday to Tuesday, at 1:00 am, there is another Apple event entitled ‘Scary fast’. And this time, Apple will mainly focus on updated Macs, and the new supersonic M3 chip.

However, taking in an Apple event at 1:00 am is a tall order, even for the biggest fans. Especially considering Apple lists a running time of no less than two hours – wow! To survive the event and fully experience it without falling asleep, we have listed some Apple event tips.

1. Put the Apple event in your calendar

First you have to manage to be in front of your screen on time – and a calendar notification helps with that. Use the button below to add the Apple event to your calendar. Set ‘Notification’ to ’15 minutes before’ and then tap ‘Add to calendar’ at the bottom of your screen. This way you won’t forget the event!

2. Take a power nap

Apple sleep patent

Is staying awake from early in the morning until the end of the Apple event a bit too much? Take a power nap beforehand! Just make sure that you wake up on time and that you don’t almost miss the first half of the Apple event because you’re still drowsy. Tip 3 will help you with this.

3. Set an alarm

turn off alarm clocks

A calendar notification is one thing, but if you really want to be sure that you don’t miss the event after a power nap, you should also set an alarm. Or two. Or five. You do this with the Clock app, under ‘Alarm clocks>+’. Be sure to set a nice irritating sound, such as a compilation of Tim Cook singing ‘Good morning!’ shouts.

4. Turn on Night Shift

Too much blue light isn’t exactly conducive to your sleep, but the Night Shift feature on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac can help. This reduces the amount of blue light on your screen. You turn it on in ‘Settings>Screen & brightness>Night Shift’, and on the Mac in ‘System settings>Displays>Night Shift’. Watch the event with it and you will have no trouble falling asleep afterwards – provided you don’t go too crazy with tip 5.

5. Make a cup of coffee

Yes, this one may be self-explanatory, but a cup of coffee is actually essential for this late-night Apple event. Because while we expect some cool new Macs to keep you awake, there will undoubtedly be a lot of minutes spent on less interesting topics. How good Apple is for the environment, why Apple is so committed to accessibility, how the Mac helps people study and work… with all this self-patrating, even tech editors get sleepy at an Apple event. So, make a strong cup of coffee and you’ll get through the less interesting parts of the event!

Watch Apple event October 2023

You watch the Apple event live via Apple’s website, or via the livestream on YouTube below. Are you ready on Tuesday, October 31 at 1:00 AM? Our Apple event tips should make it happen!

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