9 apps to save on refueling, eating out and shopping

Everything still keeps getting more expensive, but there are things you can’t or won’t live without. All the more reason to look for the best deals. These 9 apps will find you the best places to save on gas, food and groceries!

Save on refueling, eating out and shopping

No matter how expensive everything gets, you can’t do without groceries. And if you have a car, sooner or later you will have to refuel. You can of course postpone eating out, but how long do you want to keep that up?

With these 9 apps you save on your groceries and on your petrol, so that you have money left over to go out for dinner again. And you save on that too!

The best apps to save on fuel

Do you want to know the best places in your area for low fuel prices? With these apps you can see it at a glance!

1. ANWB On the road: navigate to the cheapest place

ANWB On the way clearly shows the current prices of gas stations in your area. Do you have an electric car? ANWB On the road also knows which charging stations are in your area. For example, if you choose ‘Fast charging’ in the settings menu, you will only see charging stations with a capacity of at least 43 kW on the map.

save fuel eating out groceries

The petrol stations found are filtered by distance by default, but you can change that to ‘price ascending’ with a single tap. Once you have found the best price, tap on the relevant gas station. ANWB En route will immediately point you in the right direction to the gas station.

2. Tanky: Stacking Discounts

Tanky makes refueling even cheaper. This is because the app gives you discounts on the pump price, by working together with MediaMarkt, HEMA and T-Mobile, among others. For example, are you taking out a new telephone subscription with T-Mobile? Then you can get a discount of up to 20 cents per liter of fuel via Tankey. This way you can stack discounts.


Unfortunately, Tanky also has some drawbacks. For example, not all gas stations support the app. That is why it is advisable to open Tanky and then purposefully drive to a gas station where you will certainly receive a discount.

3. DirectLease TankService: discount at your favorite pump

Car leasing company DirectLease shows in this app at which gas stations you can go to refuel cheaply. This of course states how much you pay for petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG and other fuel types. You can also see for each gas station which additional facilities there are, such as a car wash, or whether it is completely unmanned.

direct lease

The DirectLease app also has a built-in brand filter. For example, if you prefer to refuel at Shell or Esso, you can easily indicate this in the app. Then you will only be presented with gas stations of ‘your brands’.

The best apps to save on groceries

Do you want all brochures with offers from supermarkets in one place? These apps take care of that!

1. Advertising brochure: all offers at hand

In the Advertising Folder app you can immediately see the latest brochures from a huge number of stores that are available. At the top you have a search function, so you can quickly search for a specific store. If you tap ‘Show all’ you can distinguish folders from supermarkets, drugstores and so on.

save fuel eating out groceries

Two useful functions in this app are the list and the loyalty cards. If you see a nice offer, click on it and choose ‘save to list’. This way, all your favorite offers will appear in the ‘Lists’ tab. You can also save your loyalty cards in the app. At checkout, open the app and have the card scanned from your iPhone.

2. AllFolders: your favorite offers in one overview

The AlleFolders.nl app works in a similar way to Advertising Folder. On the home screen you will see all folders that are currently available. There are a lot of them, so you can also choose ‘Favorites’ via the menu, which you then select. In the menu you can also search specifically for stores of a certain category.


Because everything is in the menu, the app is at first glance less clear than the app from, for example, Reclamefolder. Yet it works very easily. You set your location, pin interesting offers on the bulletin board and you can even organize your home screen yourself.

3. Tiendeo: search for specific offers

In the Tiendeo app you will also find advertising brochures from shops and also immediately store information such as the address and opening hours. You can create notifications for your favorite store, brand or product, so that you always stay informed of the latest offers.

tenth o

First, choose the city where you plan to go shopping. Then enter what you are looking for. Of course you can also search for a specific store or brand. Advertising folder, AlleFolders and Tiendeo all work fine. Which app you prefer is very personal.

The best apps to save on dining out

Whether you’re looking for a restaurant in your hometown or elsewhere, these apps will show you where to go for the best deals!

1. Spontaneous: delicious and cheap dining out

Via the Spontaan app you will find offers from restaurants that can make a significant difference from the regular price. You are often limited to a separate menu and you have to take into account that additional prices apply for all kinds of extras.

save fuel eating out groceries

If you have found a restaurant with a great offer, you can book and pay directly from the app via iDeal or PayPal. You then only have to pay for your drinks after dinner.

2. TheFork: prick a fork for next to nothing

You can also find restaurants with offers that can save you up to 50 percent of the regular amount via the TheFork app. TheFork focuses mainly on quality restaurants (including restaurants with Michelin stars), which means that the prices are on average slightly higher than at Spontaan.

save fuel eating out groceries

You can easily log in via your Apple account. In addition to finding offers, you can also simply use TheFork’s app to make a reservation at your favorite restaurant. You will find many restaurants there, but not all of them have a special offer.

3. The Last Table: last-minute offers

As the name suggests, this app shows which restaurants in the area have a table left. This way the owner still gets his restaurant full and you eat with a discount.

save fuel eating out groceries

The offer of Het Laatste Tafeltje differs per day. That also means that there are not always restaurants close by that have an offer. But if you have found something, it is very simple to reserve a spot via the app. You will find offers for dinners as well as for High Teas and sometimes even cinema tickets.

Save on gas, eating out, groceries and more

With these apps to save on refueling, eating out and shopping, you already realize a lot of benefits. But this month is iPhoned all about saving money. So we show you many more ways to save big. So keep a close eye on our theme page about Saving Money!

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