A smart and safe home: the best security camera, doorbell and more

The days are getting shorter and thieves often see the opportunity to strike during these dark times of the year. Keep your home safe! You can do this with the best smart security cameras, doorbells and more.

A smart and safe home

Every year, the number of burglaries increases during the fall and winter months. A shrewd thief quickly realizes when you are not at home. Then be ahead of thieves with these smart products that ensure that your home is a lot safer.

Keep an eye on your home with a smart doorbell or a security camera. Another smart trick is to automate your lights. They then turn on automatically when it gets dark, even if you are not at home.

Read on to find out everything about the best products for a smart and safe home. We also tell you where it is best to buy them. Naturally, all products below work with Apple Homekit.

#1 Smart security camera

Secure your home with an IP camera! The camera connects to the internet so you can check the images anywhere. Such a smart camera is easy to install indoors, but there are also waterproof cameras for outdoors. There are several brands that offer such an IP camera: think of a Google Nest, Eufy Imou and Arlo.

smart security camera

These are the 3 best security cameras of the moment

The best-selling and cheapest security camera in this list is the Eufy Indoor Cam. You will immediately receive a notification via the Eufy app when movement or a noticeable sound is detected. Thanks to the excellent night vision, you can see who is haunting your house even when it is dark. You buy the Eufy Indoor Cam for 54 euros.

Check out the Eufy Indoor Cam

Are you looking for better image quality or more options? The Imou Knight lets you set a detection zone, so that you do not receive unnecessary notifications when someone happens to walk by on the street. If you want an entire network of security cameras around your home, then the Eufy Cam 3 in a bundle with a home base is interesting to look at.

  • Check out the Imou Knight: for 137.80 euros at Bol.com
  • Check out the Eufy Cam 3: for 149 euros at tink

#2 Smart doorbell

In addition to a smart security camera, a special doorbell should not be missing. Are you not at home and the parcel deliverer is at your door? Its a shame, but there is nothing to do about it! Or not? Because with a smart doorbell you let him or her know where the package can be left. Smart doorbells are available with and without a subscription. You can read more information about this in the 5 best options for a smart doorbell without a subscription.

Ring doorbell

These are the 3 best smart doorbells of the moment

The best smart doorbell at the moment is the RING Video Doorbell Pro 2. It delivers a crystal clear image and has all the useful functions of a smart doorbell that you want. For example, consider live image and sound so that you can talk to the people in front of your door and set up a detection zone. A subscription is required for the RING Pro 2.

Check out the RING Video Doorbell Pro 2

Do you want all the benefits of a smart doorbell, but without a subscription? Then choose the Eufy by Anker or Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4.

  • View the Eufy by Anker including HomeBase: for 146 euros at Bol.com
  • View the Aqara Smart Video Doorbell G4: for 119 euros at Bol.com

#3 Smart lights

One of the oldest tricks to keep burglars out is to turn on a light at night when you are not at home. By automating your smart lighting, a light even turns on when you are on holiday and you can have this switched on at different times. Tip: connect the lights to your security cameras to activate them when someone comes to your driveway. This way you will certainly deter intruders.

Good lamps for smart lighting are those from Philips Hue. These lamps can be purchased for both indoors and outdoors. Are you a bit more creative? Then you can use Nanoleaf’s smart lamps to create true works of art on your wall.

In addition, the affordable smart lighting from Ikea Smart Home is also recommended. You can read more about this in our IKEA Smart Home test. Do you have more smart devices from Ikea? Then use the Smart Hub for easier operation.

  • Discover Philips Hue’s indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Discover Nanoleaf’s smart lighting
  • Discover Ikea’s smart lighting
  • Discover the Smart Hub: for 59.95 euros at Ikea

#4 Smart smoke detector

Since July 1, 2022, it is mandatory to install a smoke detector on every floor of your house. Did you know that you can also make this smart? The Netatmo Smart Smoke Detector works seamlessly with Apple Home.

Is there a fire somewhere in your house? You will then immediately receive a notification on your phone (even when you are not at home). In addition, the device also regularly checks the WiFi connection, the battery and itself. This means you can be sure that it will always work in an emergency.

  • View the Netatmo Smart Smoke Detector: for 78 euros at Coolblue

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