A subscription for Apple apps? get used to it

It seems that Apple will offer more and more of their own apps with a subscription in the future. And that takes some getting used to.

Subscription for more and more apps from Apple

Apple came up with a surprise for a few days and introduced the programs Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro as an app for the iPad. That was already striking in itself, but there was also something special about the price.

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To use Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, you must purchase a subscription from Apple. The official Dutch prices are not yet known, but they will probably be around 4.99 euros per month or 49 euros per year. You cannot buy the apps and you must therefore pay an amount to Apple every month.

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Apple subscription services

It is of course not the first time that Apple has introduced a subscription for one of their services. Apple has for years intertwined apps such as Apple Music, iCloud + and much more with a subscription. But the first steps now seem to have been made to pour even more apps into a subscription form.

But it probably won’t stop there. Rumors have been circulating for some time that Apple is considering also attaching the hardware to some kind of subscription. You can then ‘rent’ your iPhone from Apple for a fixed amount per month.

Still, subscribing to Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro might not be such a bad idea. The package is quite pricey and that discourages many people from purchasing the software. Most owners of an iPad (Pro) can do without a small amount per month.

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This means that Apple will probably provide more apps with a subscription in the future. Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro can be seen as a kind of trial balloon from Apple with which they try out the subscription.

Especially now that Apple will soon also have to allow third-party apps and App Stores from the EU, they are missing out on a lot of income. A subscription could make up for that loss (partly).

We do not yet know which apps will receive a subscription form in the future. But there are plenty of apps for Apple to use. Subscriptions? So get used to it.

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