Alfa Romeo Tonale almost ready for unveiling

Alfa Romeo TonaleAlfa Romeo TonaleSpyshots Alfa Romeo TonaleSpyshots Alfa Romeo TonaleSpyshots Alfa Romeo TonaleAlfa Romeo TonaleAlfa Romeo TonaleAlfa Romeo Tonale

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen very often that we can welcome a brand new Alfa Romeo, but now it’s really almost that time again. The Alfa Romeo Tonale will make its appearance very soon.

After a relatively long run-up, February 8 is finally here. Then Alfa Romeo presents the Tonale. A brand new SUV that will be put on the market under the Stelvio and can fill the gap left behind by Giulietta who retired last year. With two teaser plates, Alfa Romeo is already warming us up for the moment the curtain comes off.

Unfortunately for us, the Italians are not very generous with showing details, but at least we get to see the layout of the rear lights. It is clear that the Tonale kicks off a new design chapter for the brand. One in which sharply shaped LED lighting defines the face, both at the front and back. If you want a global picture of the appearance of the Toake, you can look back at the concept car of the same name from 2019. Incidentally, a more production-ready-looking Tonale also appeared in the same year, although the actual car will probably still differ somewhat in detail.

It is still exciting to see what kind of technology is hidden under the striking body, but for now we are focusing on the same basis as that of the Jeeps Renegade and Compass. In that case, we can in any case count on a plug-in hybrid Tonale with a system power of 240 hp. Both Jeeps, however, also come with a plug-less hybrid powertrain. There is a considerable chance that the Tonale, just like the Renegade and Compass, will only be available electrified and not with pure fossil fuel power. We’ll know for sure in two weeks.

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