‘Almost half of EV drivers worried about car holidays’

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Despite an increasingly dense charging network, longer driving ranges and more and more fast chargers, it is still exciting for many EV drivers to take a long holiday drive. They worry about charging en route.

Research by booking site Tussenstop.com shows that most EV drivers are now looking forward with confidence to a car holiday next summer, but a considerable number are still concerned about various matters. According to the research, 45 percent of electric drivers say they dread the journey because of the many charging moments and the stress of finding a free charging station. Frequent charging is a particular concern, but there is also a lot of stress among the 45 percent about the possible unavailability of posts along the planned route.

Quite a few people with an electric car are still looking for alternatives for their summer holidays. For example, 20 percent would consider exchanging an acquaintance or family member’s fuel car for the EV for the holiday. 15 percent are considering renting a fuel car and 10 percent are looking for a destination closer to home because of the car. 15 percent say they are even considering not traveling by car at all and going for a flying holiday.

According to Tussenstop.com, it can be useful to divide the trip a little more with an overnight stay in between, to reduce stress. EV drivers do this more often. Owner Kasper de Wijs: “From our research and data we see that hotels with charging stations are booked more often and significantly reduce the stress of our users. More and more hotels are equipped with a charging station and therefore see bookings increase.”

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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