Amazon Prime will become considerably more expensive – you will pay that much more

After Netflix’s price increase, Amazon Prime will also soon become more expensive. From now on you will pay this for a subscription.

Amazon Prime is getting more expensive

Netflix recently increased the price for a standard subscription by almost two euros (from 11.99 euros to 13.49 euros). Amazon Prime now follows with a price increase of exactly two euros. But because Prime is much cheaper than Netflix, this is a relatively significant increase.

Until now, an Amazon Prime membership cost 2.99 euros per month and that will now increase 4.99 euros per month. That is almost 70 percent more expensive. The price increase takes effect immediately today for new subscribers. Existing subscribers will pay the new price from December 12.

amazon prime more expensive

Save with an annual subscription

On an annual basis, Amazon Prime will therefore become 24 euros more expensive – an increase from 35.88 euros to 59.88 euros. The service now offers an option to save by paying for an entire year. In that case the price increase is ‘only’ 39.13 percent.

With such an annual subscription you get 12 months of Amazon Prime for the price of 10 months. You then pay 49.90 euros in one go for an entire year, which converts to 4.16 euros per month. Existing customers can immediately convert their subscription into an annual subscription.

Cancel Amazon Prime?

Amazon does not mention a reason for the price increase and only indicates that it will continue to invest in the service ‘to make membership even more valuable for our members’. It is also not yet clear whether Amazon Prime will also become more expensive in Belgium, as the prices on the website have not yet been adapted there, but in the Netherlands they have.


If you find a price increase of 66.89 percent (or 39.12 percent for annual payment) too much, you can of course choose to cancel the service. You can check the date of the next billing period or change your membership by going to your Amazon Prime account in a browser (not in the app!). You can also cancel your subscription there. In that case, your membership will continue until the end of your current payment period.

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