An Android phone with Lightning connector? That now exists!

Someone has been crazy enough to see how an Android phone works with Lightning connector. He also succeeded! Well, sort of. Read more in this article.

Robotics student stops Lightning connection in Android

A master’s student of Robotics from Switzerland, Ken Pillonel, put a remarkable video on YouTube on April 1. In it, he manages to squeeze Apple’s Lightning connector into an Android phone. It didn’t go smoothly.

The Lightning cable was a little too smart for the cut-and-paste work. This automatically recognizes Apple devices and therefore did not make sense to provide a contrived Android phone with power. Fortunately Pillonel is also handy with computers and managed to fool the cable. Now the Android phone (a Samsung Galaxy A51) charged and the student was also able to transfer data.

Lightning in an Android phone. Why?

The design of this craft was the last thing left to do. The Lightning connection still had to be incorporated into the phone. However, this did not quite work out. Unfortunately, we still see the connection with the Galaxy A51, while with an iPhone it is nicely concealed. Pillonel will explain in more detail exactly how he did this operation in a future video.

Pillonel has previously made the news with practices of the same nature. A year ago, he equipped an iPhone X with a USB-C connector. It could also transfer data and charge the iPhone. This ‘piece of art’ sold on EBay for $86,000!

iOS 13 iPad Features

‘In the future, every iPhone will have USB-C’

Apple is the only company in the smartphone industry that still uses its own connection. The rest of the phone manufacturers now use USB-C as a charger. If it is up to the EU, that will soon change.

The European Commission has been working on legislation regarding universal chargers in Europe for some time now. Rumors have also been circulating since time immemorial that the iPhone will get a USB-C charger. Will we still see a USB-C connection in the iPhone 14 in the autumn of 2022? Certainly it is not!

There are also rumors that Apple is working on portless devices. In the context of climate change and sustainability, the EU is enacting legislation to reprimand Silicon Valley companies. They also want to make it compulsory for batteries to be replaceable soon.

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