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Dennis Gandasoebrata

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Do you have multiple computers that you like to access remotely? Of course you can use the built-in External desktop of Windows, but to create sessions host do you have the Professionalversion required. AnyDesk offers more options and can be used free of charge for home use.

You can use another computer, as well as devices such as a phone and tablet, to connect remotely. You determine the rights that remote connections have. This is useful in scenarios where, for example, you help an acquaintance or family member remotely with computer problems. There is a mode where you can only watch and a mode where you have full control over the target machine. You can optimize the session based on your connection speed. For example, choose efficiency mode if the connection is limited. If you have all the speed at your disposal, you can choose the mode in which all (image) details are presented as best as possible.

AnyDesk supports multiple displays of the host computer. On the local computer you can easily switch between the screens via buttons on the address bar, so that you can still view all screens remotely. AnyDesk offers a virtual printer, which allows you to print documents from the host computer to the local computer’s printer.

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Product: AnyDesk 8

4 and half stars

Platform: MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux

* Adjust to connection speed
* Remote printing
* User environment not fully translated