Apple comes with refurbished HomePod (and it is much cheaper)

Apple has announced that refurbished HomePods will be released, making the speaker much cheaper. This way you get the HomePod at a lower price!

Apple releases refurbished HomePod

Apple surprised this year by releasing a second HomePod. The second generation is very similar in design to its predecessor, but the HomePod 2023 is a fraction smaller and has a larger screen at the top. Unfortunately, the new HomePod is not cheaper, because Apple is again asking 349 euros for the speaker. A considerable amount, but that is now changing.

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Apple has announced that refurbished HomePods 2023 will also be available. Refurbished HomePods are used devices that have received new parts and are being put back on the market. The difference with a second-hand HomePod is that with a refurbished HomePod you have an ‘as good as new’ experience and you get a two-year warranty. And that is not the only advantage, because you also pay much less.

HomePod 2023

Refurbished HomePod much cheaper

The refurbished HomePod is already available in a number of countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. According to Apple, if you choose a refurbished version, you pay about 15 percent less than you would for a completely new HomePod. For example, the refurbished HomePod is $50 cheaper in the United States, where the price drops to $249.

The speaker is already a lot more expensive in the Netherlands and Belgium than in, for example, the United States, because the starting price in the US is 299 dollars (compared to 349 euros here). In the Netherlands you pay 50 euros less for a refurbished HomePod, you then pay 299 euros for the speaker. The refurbished version is now for sale in the Netherlands and Belgium, other countries such as the United States will follow later.

HomePod update

New speaker but slightly more expensive

So you pay much less for a refurbished HomePod, but of course you don’t get a completely new speaker. Apple generally does not drop the price of the new HomePod, so it is better to look at another seller for offers. Where you pay 349 euros for a new HomePod at Apple, it is ‘only’ € 328.95 at other providers.

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This is not much more expensive than a refurbished model from Apple, so it may be better to choose a different provider for a new HomePod. Do you always buy your new devices from Apple, but don’t want to pay the top price? Then the refurbished HomePod is a great solution. Would you rather have a new HomePod? Then view the best prices in our price comparator!

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