Apple is considering adding a camera to Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is chock full of technological gadgets, but it still doesn’t have a camera. That could well change in the future. The company has filed a patent for a camera in the digital crown of the watch.

Will the Apple Watch finally get a camera?

Do you like taking pictures from your wrist? That may be possible in a few years. Apple has patented a new version of the Apple Watch with an integrated camera. That discovered Patently Applea website that keeps track of new ideas the company registers.

Apple is considering adding a camera to Apple Watch

It is striking that the camera is placed in the digital crown. Therefore, you could take a photo or video by stretching out your hand. That sounds quite logical, because that is a fairly natural position and you also have a good view of the screen in this position. A disadvantage is that you cannot use the camera for FaceTime.

However, you could easily remove the case from the strap. This makes it possible to hold the watch in your hand like a kind of mini-Go Pro action camera. The patent also speaks of a light source around the lens, which functions as a primitive flash.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the possibility of an Apple Watch with a camera. Years ago we already read about a watch with which you could FaceTime. However, we never heard of that again. Apple files many patents every year and not all of them are used. We dare not promise that this time it is serious.

What we already know about the Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8, which is likely to launch in September, certainly won’t have a camera yet. However, the smartwatch may get a new design with flat edges. Apple would also like to add a new health function to the Apple Watch: measuring your body temperature. Initially, this feature was supposed to help women figure out their fertile days. Around ovulation, the body temperature rises by about 0.3 degrees.

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