Apple is working on a foldable iPhone: we already know this

There have been rumors for some time that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone, but now the first evidence has surfaced. We already know this about the iPhone Fold.

Apple is working on a foldable iPhone

There have been rumors for some time that Apple is working on a device with a foldable screen. The company has filed several patents that point to the production of a foldable device. For example, in a patent from March this year, Apple describes what happens if you drop a foldable iPhone. The device would then automatically close, so that the display remains well protected in the event of a fall.

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Now there are new indications that Apple is working on a foldable device, as according to a report, Samsung Display is preparing a team to develop Apple’s foldable screen. Previously, there were rumors that Samsung had sent samples of foldable displays to Apple for a future iPhone Fold. Now the collaboration goes one step further, because a special team has even been set up.

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Team set up to develop screen

A Korean report states that Samsung Display, one of Apple’s suppliers, has put together a team to develop a foldable screen. This is the first time that there is evidence that Apple is indeed working on a foldable device. Moreover, this confirms that Apple uses Samsung’s expertise and technology in the field of foldable screens.

Samsung Display and LG Display are reportedly already working on several projects for Apple, including the development of 20.25-inch displays. It is not yet clear whether this concerns a specific product or initial tests with foldable screens. It now appears that Apple will give more priority to the development of an iPhone Fold, especially now that the Apple Vision Pro is in the final testing phase.

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iPhone Fold will have to wait a while

We still have to wait a while for Apple’s first foldable device, because the iPhone Fold will reportedly be released in 2025. Previously, a release in 2024 was expected, and the usually reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo even predicted that the first foldable device has already been released. will be published in 2024. This has now been adjusted to 2025 or later.

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Ross Young, expert in the field of foldable displays, also predicts that we will not see an iPhone with a foldable screen until 2025 at the earliest. So it is unlikely that the iPhone Fold will arrive next year. It is also unclear which Apple device will have a foldable screen, and there are also rumors about a foldable iPad or Macbook. In any case, one thing is certain: Apple is working on a foldable device.

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